The Ultimate Guide to Buying Vacuum Pump Oil

One of the best ways to keep the vacuum pump in good condition is by ensuring that is fluid or lubrication oil used in the operation is catering to the requirements of the pump. The vacuum pump is no less than a guardian angel for vacuum pumps. Vacuum oil not only reduces friction but also assists in controlling contamination, cooling, creating fluid in pumps, and protecting from corrosion.

One of the most common queries online is how to find the best vacuum pump oil in Perth. Well, if you are also struggling to find the right answer to this, then you have landed at the right place. Here we will guide you in buying the best vacuum pump oil that can help in achieving peak performance. Let’s discuss the details.

Vapour Pressure and Volatility

The oil with high volatility will turn the liquid to vapour when the temperature rises. And the vacuum pump oil is useless if the vacuum pressure is high that it actually starts contaminating the working region of the chamber. The vapour pressure is basically the pressure through which the oil molecules try to escape the oil since we know that there is a tendency for liquids to evaporate. In short, low vapour pressure is preferred more because there is less evaporation which means reduced contamination and less variance in the overall pressure. Thus, the pump will work brilliantly.

Pump Oil Viscosity

Another thing you need to look for in a vacuum pump oil is viscosity, which is the resistance of a fluid to move. The viscosity of the fluid is basically a measure of the resistance of flow. So high viscosity is sticky and thick while low viscosity is runny and thin. When the temperature will rise, not only the viscosity of fluid will decrease but also it can impact the flow of oil between the components. The normal viscosity for vacuum pump oil ranges between 68 to 77 CST at 40°C. Therefore, it is important to understand the pump applications and requirements, so you can buy the right oil to ensure that things run smoothly.

Vacuum Pump Additives

Well, many people are confused with the additives in vacuum pump oil and motor oil, but they both are different. For example – motor oil usually contains rust inhibitors that separate from the deposit and the base fluid on the interior serves as a gummy residue. On the other hand, vacuum pump oil is refined for the exclusive use of vacuum pumps and may contain anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, and anti-foaming. So, the first thing you must consider is the performance requirement of the vacuum pumps as the oil will react differently under pressure conditions and high temperatures as the wrong oil can directly damage the vacuum pump.


While it is not directly related to the vacuum properties, it can still aid in the selection of fluid categories. The color of the hydrocarbon pump oil will vary from medium yellow to clear and is categorised as the Saybolt color index. It has been observed that pure straight-chain paraffin is the most transparent while the naphthenes are darker.

Lubricating Ability

Two types of vacuum pump oil provide lubrication, namely – Roots blower pump oil and Rotary vacuum pump oil. The main ability of the oil is to prevent the wear and tear of the pump while increasing the pump’s life. Therefore, it is important to consider the vacuum pump’s oil ability. Synthetic oils are typically 11% more lubricating than mineral oils ones.


All in all, different types of oils are used in vacuum pumps and you must know the ins and out before buying any. There is no denying the fact that the choice of vacuum pump oils is daunting but having the right partner can help you make the right selection. We at Ezzi Vision is a leading supplier and distributor of vacuum pumps, helium leak detector, vacuum pump oils, and more in Australia and New Zealand. Our experts will first analyze the full performance of the vacuum pumps and will guide you with the right one for better performance in the long run. Browse our official website today.

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