Fomblin Oils

Perfluoropolyether Oils

We offer an extended range of Fomblin® and Krytox®, perfluoropolyether oils for use in rotary vacuum pumps. Fomblin® YVAC 06/6 and Krytox® 1506 are recommended for Edwards oil sealed rotary pumps and are practically a direct replacement for mineral oil in terms of viscosity and vapor pressure. Krytox® 1525 is suitable for use in rotary pumps requiring a viscosity equivalent to Fomblin® Y25 fluid. Fomblin® Y16/6 and Krytox® 1514 are recommended for use in perfluoropolyether adapted mechanical booster pumps.

Edwards, in conjunction with its supply partner, has developed Drynert fluid which contains anti-rust and anti-wear additives soluble in Fomblin®. These additives cover metallic surfaces with a protective, corrosion resistant film

mechanical pump oil


  • Krytox 1506 fluid
  • Drynert 25/6 fluid
  • FOMBLIN Y VAC 16/6
  • FOMBLIN Y VAC 06/6​
  • FOMBLIN Y VAC 25/6​
  • Krytox 1514 fluid​
  • Krytox 1525 fluid

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