Vacuum Oven low vacuum XFL

The most ideal choice for gentle drying of products that are sensitive, treatment of oxidizable materials thermally, and in laboratories or industries such as pharmaceuticals, plastics, chemicals agrifood, electronics, it enables quick drying of granulate and powders.   

Max temperature: 200°C / 300°C* (as option)
Vacuum range: from 0 to -1000 mbar (relative pressure)
Maximum temperature for few minutes is 300°C, maximum temperature continuously is 250°C.
6 sizes: 20, 51, 110, 220, 316 and 512 liters.
Solid construction for lasting performance.
Blue and white epoxy paint is coated on the exterior which is made of steel. Corrosion resistant strong thick strainless steel is used in the inner casing.


There isn’t any contact between inner and outer casing. Asbestos-free glass wool is used for insulation which provides low surface temperature, low electrical consumption, and swift rise in temperature.

A thick safety glass is equipped on the door.

The seal of the door is provided by a silicone gasket. A viton seal can also be used as replacement. Adjustable clamps helps in closing the door.


Cleaning operations are easy due to the rounded corners of the inner casing. The racks and the seal are also easy to remove for better cleaning operations.

An efficient heating.

The heating elements located on the outer parts of the inner casing ensure homogeneity in heating.

It is important to note that the temperature displayed on the tray and temperature controller of the oven will be different due to temperature sensor being fixed inside the oven.

Easy temperature controls.
 The vacuum ovens XFL include a DN16KF passage which has a silicone plug. Upto 4 temperature sensors can be introduced for measuring temperatures inside the oven.
A simple connection of your vacuum pump.
The connection for electricity is made at the back of the oven. Air pumping and vacuum breaking is permitted by teats. KF is the pumping connector type from the XFL120 model.
A reliable vacuum control 

The indoor relative pressure from 0-1000 mbar is displayed in the digital vacuum controller.

A maximum vacuum level or maintaining a constant level of pressure on teh controller is facilitated by the presence of a switch on the control panel.

Note: it is important to note that at any time of the cycle, the vacuum level can be changed by changing the value on the vacuum controller. Incase of a lower desired level, air is automatically pumped. When the level desired is higher, the air must be manually made to enter the oven and then pumped up to the desired level.

The C3000 temperature controller : Accuracy and Reliability.

A highly accurate and highly reliable microprocessor developed by the FRANCE-ETUVES is the C3000 temperature controller making it highly efficient and incredibly easy to use. PT100 sensors is used for measurement. PID electronic regulator. Accuracy: 0.1 ° C.

– Setpoint display and that measured.
– Delayed Start : 1min to 99h59min.
– Heat ramp.
– Heating timer from 0 to 99h59min.
– Repeat loop.
– Buzzer at the conclusion of a cycle.
– Over temperature alarm.

Work safely ! 

The safety thermostat ensures temperature safety in the oven due to its adjustable and independent properties having a visual and sound alarm. 

Incase of overheating, it cute off the heating and in the case of main control system failure it control the overall temperature.

 NB :The oven control possibility with a PC through a RS252 cable.

Loading trays 

– 1 aluminium tray is provided in the vacuum ovens XFL.
– For ease in loading and unloading, multiple load levels are available.
– Upto 30kg distributed can be held by each tray.
– Anti-tilting system present in the guide bars.
– Easy cleaning facilitated by the easily removable racks.


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