ATS500 Research and Production Coater

New 500mm coating systems for research and production applications

ATS500 is a highly versatile coating system, designed for advanced research and production. It features touch-panel control and a wide range of process techniques, including ion beam. ATS is applied to electronics, optics and ion-assisted processes.

The ATS500 system is designed for research and small batch coating applications. Applications include OLED and organic electronics, photovoltaics and semiconductors.ATS500 systems can be configured for coating lenses and filters in optical applications.

Touch-screen PLC or PC with recipe process control:

Systems are also offered with a PC control system which provides enhanced control and process data recording functions.

Deposition techniques:
Users can select conventional thermal resistance sources, temperature-controlled OLED sources, or a range of electron beam source options plus DC and RF sputtering.
ATS500 chamber accommodates more than one process for maximum flexibility.

Ion assisted deposition:
ATS500 systems can be specified with a compact ion source for substrate cleaning or ion beam assisted deposition processes.

Film thickness monitoring and control:
The standard touch screen is available with an optional built-in film thickness monitor, while conventional thickness monitor and control options are available for the advanced user.

Mass flow and chamber pressure control:
ATS systems feature mass flow control for single, dual or multi-gas channels plus chamber pressure control systems.

Range of sample stages:
Includes rotation, heating and cooling, while further options for indexing, substrate bias, and z-axis lift for sample transfer.

Sample transfer:
Available on the ATS 500 with HHV’s telescopic sample transfer system.

Chamber options:
Standard chamber is 500mm x 500mm and height and width options are available for specialist applications such as lift-off. The generous size allows multiple sources or deposition techniques to be accommodated.

High vacuum pumping:
Vacuum system options include turbo pumps from 400l/s to 1000l/s and a 1500l/s cryo pump is also available. Foreline pumps can be rotary or scroll.

High vacuum valve:
ATS turbo systems can be supplied with or without a high vacuum gate valve between chamber and high vacuum pump as process and preferences allow.


Ease of operation
Colour touch screen control systems provide a clear, modern user interface
Process recipe control with password protection Auto/manual process accessory operation

Full range of deposition techniques:
Resistance evaporation, single or multi-sources
Temperature controlled sources for OLEDs
Electron beam sources from 6kW upwards
RF, DC, Pulsed DC sputtering
Single or co-sputtering options
Sputter up or sputter down (dedicated sputter systems)
Standard Diffusion, Turbo, Cryo pumping options
Rack panel provides space for thin accessories and power supplies
Advanced process options:
Ion source options provide substrate cleaning or IBAD

Range of sample stages:
Rotation, heating, cooling. Indexing, substrate bias, z-axis lift for film thickness and property uniformity

Sample transfer:
Telescopic sample transfer system protects samples and materials during loading and deposition.

Chamber options:
Standard chamber plus options for process flexibility

High vacuum pumping:
Turbo or cryo, rotary or scroll options to suit budgets and applications

High vacuum valve:
Optional gate valve is process dependant.


Compound electronics
Conducting tracks
Lift-off processing
Transparent conducting oxides

Organic electronics:
Organic electronics
Organic solar cells

Optical coating:
Anti reflection coatings

Ion processes:
Assisted deposition
Substrate cleaning


Chamber:500mm wide x 500mm tall. Tall options for lift-off. Stainless steel with aluminium door
Turbo Pump:400 l/s or 1000 l/s conventional turbo. Mag-lev options
Cryo pump:1500 l/s cryo pump
Backing/roughing:Rotary pump or dry scroll pump
Vacuum:Atm to 1×10-6 mbar in <40 minutes, ultimate <5×10-7 mbar, (with 400 l/s turbo pump and clean, dry, empty 500 mm chamber)
Weight:Approx. 450kg to 500kg, specification dependant
Process accessories
Resistance sources:Single or multiple, 1kVA or 2kVA
Organic sources:Temperature-controlled 1cc, 4cc, 10cc, single or multiple sources
Electron beam sources:3kW (4 x 4cc) or 6kW or 12kW (4 x 7cc, 6 x 7cc, 4 x 15cc, 6 x 15cc, other)
Sputter sources:50mm (2”) to 150mm (6”), fixed height, variable height, tilt
Sputter configuration:Upward or downward
Ion sources:Compact ion source options for etch or assisted deposition
Mass flow control:Single gas, dual gas, multiple gas. Chamber pressure control systems
Substrate holders:Rotary, water cooled, heated (quartz lamp or resistance heated), RF or DC bias, z-axis lift for sample transfer, domed calotte, planetary
Load lock systems:Turbo pumped with manual or motor driven transfer arms
Combination systems:Single or multiple techniques in same chamber
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