Dry Multistage Roots Pumps

Edwards nXRi high performance compact dry pump

multi stage dry vacuum pump

Edwards has revolutionised the vacuum pump market with the new nXRi high performance, compact dry pump.

When performance matters

Edwards nXRi high performance compact dry vacuum pump

nXR60i and nXR90i high performance compact dry pumps

Designed to deliver unrivalled pumping speeds of 60 and 90m3h-1. With lower input power and zero maintenance it brings real performance improvements and cost benefits to a range of applications.

Kashiyama NeoDry multi-stage roots vacuum pumps

multi-stage roots vacuum pumps

Kashiyama manufactured Two multi-stage root-rotors rotate without contact, compressing gas for exhaust.

  • No oil in pumping room: Dry pumping with “Clean exhaust”
  • “Gas ballast port”(optional) can take gas to reduce partial pressure of condensation-prone gas, and prevent it from condensation inside.
  • No cooling water: “Air cooled”
  • Roots rotors rotate without contact arising no particle.“No performance deterioration and long life”
  • Pumping speeds from 7 m3h-1 to 300 m3h-1