Powder Removal TRAPPACK

What is the TRAPPACK?

The TRAPPACK utilizes electrostatic adsorption type Elements (TRAPPACK Element), swirling adsorption type Elements (Coil Element), or the combination type which uses both electrostatic and swirling adsorption (Combination Element). The electrostatic and swirling Elements are effective in different situations against different powders. The Combination Type Element is capable of handling both situations and is able to completely shut out all fine sub-micron powder.

System Construction (Vacuum Pump Fore Line)


  • Maintains clean exhaust pipingReduces valve maintenance frequency
  • Reduces problems with the vacuum pump Raises productivity
  • Reduces maintenance frequency on fore line  



The TRAPPACK Element is comprised of specially designed high function ion-exchange fibers, capable of adsorbing reactive generates (powder) to the fibers on the surface of the Element. We provide two different shapes of Elements, the cylindrically molded “TRAPPACK Element“ and the sheet type “Coil Element“.



“TRAPPACK” is specially designed to remove contaminating powders from gas, with a variety of different models and types. The three main types that we offer are the Element Type, Coil Type, and Combination Type.
We recommend the use of a TRAPPACK Cabinet to assure safe storage of the TRAPPACK allowing for it to remain in optimal condition.

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