UHV Deposition Equipment


Nanoparticle Generation Source

Unveiling the technical prowess of NanoStreamS, our advanced Nanoparticle Generation Source.

Technical Operation: NanoStreamS harnesses the potential of a modified DC sputtering source to create a metal vapor, typically from a copper disk. With meticulous control over pressure, plasma temperature, and gas mixture flow rate, this vapor undergoes condensation, mirroring the formation of droplets in clouds. Upon emergence from the source, particle growth comes to an abrupt halt, resulting in a particle beam characterized by an impressively precise size distribution of approximately +/- 20% Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM). For those seeking even greater refinement, our in-line mass filter, tailored for high masses, awaits.

Flexibility: These particles predominantly exist in a negatively charged, ionized state, opening up possibilities for electrostatic manipulation. This unique attribute provides users with an additional parameter to fine-tune the resultant film properties. Low-energy settings (no acceleration) encourage soft landing, preserving the particles’ natural shape. A slight energy boost promotes particle bonding with each other and the coating surface, retaining their individual shapes while yielding a remarkably porous yet stable layer. Gradually increasing the acceleration leads to progressively denser films. At significantly high energy levels, particles undergo deformation and thorough mixing, culminating in the formation of a bulk layer exhibiting exceptional adhesion. NanoStreamS stands as an exceptionally versatile instrumentation, adaptable to meet your precise application requirements.

Explore NanoStreamS and unlock a world of possibilities in nanoparticle manipulation and film deposition.


Triple-head source for compound nanoparticles

Introducing NanoStreamT, our cutting-edge Triple-Head Source designed to craft compound nanoparticles. Operating on the same principles as NanoStreamS, NanoStreamT distinguishes itself with an internal sputter source equipped with three autonomous targets, providing users with the capability to produce compound nanoparticles. The power allocated to each of these targets can be finely adjusted, empowering users to precisely tailor the composition of the nanoparticles.

Unleash the potential of NanoStreamT to delve into the fascinating realm of alloy and compound nanoparticles, where material properties are ripe for exploration and innovation.

MSF Mass Filter

Mass measurement and filtering of nanoparticles.

Unlock advanced nanoparticle analysis capabilities by incorporating the MSF quadrupole mass filter into your NanoStream setup. Our seamlessly integrated solution empowers you to not only measure but also effectively filter nanoparticles, with an impressive throughput of up to 10 amu. With an outstanding size resolution of 2% in filtering mode, you can achieve remarkable precision in defining particle sizes.

This versatile MSF mass filter comes standard with user-friendly software control, compatible with Windows-based PCs, ensuring seamless analysis integration into your workflow. Explore our extensive lineup of cutting-edge products, including the MSF Mass Filter, as we continuously expand our offerings to provide you with top-tier solutions