Vacuum Greases

Apiezon Greases

vacuum grease

A range of Apiezon® greases is offered for use on high vacuum systems and for many general applications in the laboratory. These high purity greases are non-toxic, easy to apply, easy to clean off and have long shelf lives.


  • Apiezon® AP100 grease
  • Apiezon® AP101 grease
  • Apiezon® H grease
  • Apiezon® L grease
  • Apiezon® M grease
  • Apiezon® N grease
  • Apiezon® T grease

Fomblin® Grease

This grease is an excellent lubricant for sliding elastomer seals, and exhibits the chemical inertness typical of the Fomblin® range.

It has a very low vapor pressure and is suitable for use in the presence of gaseous and liquid oxygen under severe conditions.

The general purpose AR555 grease offered by Edwards has the basic properties of Fomblin®, but the vapor pressure is not specifically controlled. The vapor pressure is <10-7 mbar at 20°C


Fomblin® vacuum grease AR555 grade, syringe 100 g

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