Auto Claves

Laboratory autoclaves and steam sterilizers

The laboratory tabletop auto claves distinguish particularly through their big capacity compared with their compact overall size.

At the construction of these autoclaves we took into consideration that they fit on a laboratory table.

Model LTA 2x3x4 and 3x3x6 have a special feature. They have a squared sterilization chamber according to BoTec-principle. Table top autoclave sterilizers at the highest stage of development.

The whole chamber height can be used on the complete shelf width. The result: with a low chamber volume was reached a big loading capacity in comparison to the conventional round chamber.

The comfortable cover lock with inflatable low- maintenance door seal according to DIN and TRB 402 and a fully automatically microprocessor control contributes to easy operation.

Already the standard version is suitable for operation in a laboratory.

They are equipped with warm holding program for liquids and timer for programming start time point for example. All models have a long-life flexible temperature sensor for the sterilization time trigger.

Laboratory vertical autoclave

with a chamber volume of 80 to 150 litres

Designed taking the most important aspects of sterilization in the laboratory into consideration:

  • Simple, through touchscreen control and low loading heights from 740mm.
  • Safe, through a pressure container with automatic cover seal, manufactured from high-strength and polished 1.4571/ AiSi316Ti stainless steel throughout. Configured for a sterilization temperature of max. 143°C.
  • Sterility, through combined pressure and temperature control, inspected by an independent and certified test laboratory.
  • Efficient, through efficient insulation and a steam generator independent of the sterilization chamber, resulting in short heating up and cooling down phases.
  • Reliable, through the use of high quality components and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standard requirements and the German Medical Devices Act (MPG).
  • Flexible and individual through its modular construction. The autoclave can be individually matched to your tasks and upgraded at any time. Also after delivery of the device.

Floor Standing Autoclaves für laboratories

72 up to 700 litres chamber capacity

The floor standing autoclaves distinguish them selves particularly through their low charging height of only 780mm.

Their compact overall size could be realized thanks to the square BoTec- chamber system. With the useful chamber interior height of 800mm it is possible to sterilize high sterilization goods, fermenters for example. This combination, low charging height and big chamber interior height, provides you an optimum of usability and operation.

The loading and unloading of the chamber can be simplified additionally through optionally obtainable transport- and loading cars or through removable shelves.

The autoclaves with a chamber volume of more than 145 litres have a space- saving vertical automatic door with low-maintenance door seal according to DIN and TRB 402.

All models are equipped with a fully automatic microprocessor control with LCD-Display and foil keyboard. A large variety of accessories for example FDA/ GMP conform version, exhaust air filtration or push-through version, makes it possible to fit the autoclave for every application.

Wash water sterialization

With WWS 60 and WWS 30twin we offer you an optimal solution for inactivating of wash water which can directly be placed in your laboratory.

The long and unsafe transport distance to the central sanitation place for example is not necessary.

Both models are equipped with all necessary accessories (contact less warm water wash fitting, stainless steel wash basin and more) for a safe operation.

The sterilizer catches the existing wash water and collects it in the sterilisation chamber. After the max level is reached the sterilization process starts automatically. Of course this can be made by the user at the end of the working day for example. The whole sterilisation process runs fully automatic till re-cooling and emptying of the chamber.


  • Touch screen for graphic representation
  • Integrated charge documentation printer with normal paper for keeping 10 years to print out the following data:
    charge number, date/time, temperature- and pressure course and individual process steps
  • Documentation and control system via PC. The PC can be connected directly via standard interface RS232.
  • All process steps can be documented by windows optimized software
  • Mirror
  • Eye shower
  • 2 wash-basins
  • Sewage lift appliance

WWS 60

Wash water sterilizer with a one-chamber system and useful volume of 60 litres.

WWS30 twin

Wash water sterilizer with a two-chamber system and useful volume on 2 x 30 litres. The two chamber system enables an interruption-free hand washing. This means that the water is filled into one chamber while the wash water is sterilized in the other chamber

High Pressure Autoclaves

  • Temperature range: to 500°C 
  • Diameter: DN10 to 
  • Volume: 60 to 5000 litres
  • Material: stainless steel

Technical features

  • heated or non heated
  • stirrers, circulating air ventilators
  • Saturated steam, air steam mix
  • Complete control systems
  • Snap buckles
  • Manufactured according to DGRL 97/23/EG and AD2000
  • Performance of all safety standards

Pure Steam Generator

The heating is carried out by CPU-controlled high-quality heating elements, made of stainless steel. The steam pressure is infinitely adjustable by an integrated touch screen. The steam container and the safety equipment comply with the European directive for pressure equipment 97/23/EG.

Summary of advantages:

  • short heating up time
  • compact construction, therefore less space required at the place of installation
  • pressure container made of 1.4571/AiSi316Ti stainless steel
  • steam valves and pipes made of 1.4404/ AiSi316L stainless steel
  • case and support frame made of brushed-finished 1.4301/ AiSi 304 stainless steel
  • CPU-controlling with pressure adjustment depending on steam extraction and complete control for fully automatic operation
  • heated feed water tank for reduction of inert gas
  • fill level measurement without mechanical components and independent of water quality
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