Cluster Systems

Modular Cluster Systems

Unlock the full potential of thin-film research with our Modular Cluster Systems. These advanced PVD systems are a game-changer for researchers and developers, offering a host of benefits:

  • Multilayer Versatility: Create complex multilayers of diverse materials like metals and organics while ensuring zero cross-contamination and air exposure.

  • Streamlined Processing: Separate thin-film processing stages, such as etching, deposition, and characterization, into distinct chambers. Ideal for semiconductor fabrication.

  • Ample Space: Expand your deposition possibilities by connecting multiple chambers. For example, while a single HEX-L chamber accommodates 5 sputtering sources, a cluster of two HEX-L chambers provides room for 10 sources.

Our Modular Cluster Systems redefine your capabilities in thin-film research, offering flexibility, precision, and efficiency. Elevate your experiments to new heights with this innovative solution.

Flexibility in Cost and Purpose

The HEX-L Cluster preserves the outstanding modularity that has propelled the HEX Series to its well-deserved popularity. Its easy-to-switch deposition sources and removable panels ensure future-proof functionality.

What sets the HEX-L Cluster apart:

  • Modularity Reinvented: The HEX-L Cluster enhances the already impressive modularity of the HEX Series, offering new levels of adaptability and cost-effectiveness.

  • Budget-Friendly Expansion: Add HEX-L chambers incrementally to your cluster, aligning your capital investment with your facility’s evolving needs and budget constraints.

  • Cost-Efficient Innovation: Our in-house designed robotic transfer arms significantly reduce costs compared to third-party alternatives, making cluster systems accessible to thin-film deposition researchers.

The HEX-L Cluster democratizes access to cutting-edge cluster systems, empowering thin-film deposition researchers with the flexibility they need to excel in their scientific pursuits while keeping costs in check.

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