Vacuum Pumps Supplier and Distributor in Australia & New Zealand 

We are suppliers and distributors of the best quality vacuum pumps and vacuum related equipment in Australia and New Zealand  including a wide range of Industrial & Scientific pumps, Thin film coating systems, Diaphragm pumps, Edwards vacuum pumps, Vacuum furnace &  ovens, Freeze drying systems, Vacuum gauges & spare parts and GloveBox systems. We are based in Melbourne with branch facilities in Sydney and Perth providing custom solutions for our clients. We have experienced engineers who will guide you through the best possible options for your requirements.



Our service and rebuilding division can completely refurbish any make of vacuum pumps. We can perform Turbomolecular Pump repair, Turbo Pump Repair, Dry Pump repair, Vacuum Pump repair, and Hiden Mass Spectrometer repair. We also service Thin film coating systems, Glove box systems, Freeze dryers, Helium Leak Detectors and Abatement systems maintenance to the highest quality located at our Melbourne, Sydney and Perth workshop facility. Please contact our service team on service@ezzivision.com.au


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