Tips for Selecting the Right Roughing Pump

Are you struggling to find the right roughing pump? Well, we got you covered! There are ample options available in high vacuum pumps in the market, but choosing the best one is a daunting task. Finding the right vacuum pump involves considering several factors. Wondering what all those factors are? In this post, we will share details on how you can buy the best pump without any struggle. Let’s explore the details.

Roughing pumps are also used as stand-alone pumps for applications that require less or three-scale vacuum thermoforming, vacuum packaging, freeze drying, hold-down tables, and more. These pumps can also be used as backing pumps for diffusion or turbo where a higher vacuum level is required in the applications. Below we have listed a few tips that will help you select the right one.

Pump Specifics

The first thing you need to consider is the pump specifics. Are there any corrosives that need to be pumped into the pump? Will there be large volumes of condensable running in the pump? Does the pump need to be really quiet? Will an oil based pump affect your process or is a dry (oil-free) vacuum required? Well, these are a few questions that you must consider before choosing any pump. There are various seal types, fittings, and purges available to address the corrosive chemicals and condensable. The external accessory item such as – inlet filters and inlet traps can help in removing the excess chemicals to enter the roughing pump, but the fact is that these can directly affect the pumping speed that is achievable by the vacuum pump.

Pumpdown Cycle

When buying the roughing pumps and the backing pumps, make sure that both the units of the high vacuum pump and roughing/ backing pump work together to produce the pump-down curve that is needed for the application. So, for this, you must check the specifications of the high vacuum pump before you buy the roughing pump because different styles of pumps produce different pumping curves. Let’s take an example to elaborate on this point. If you find a similar flow rate and vacuum with a two-stage oil-sealed multistage piston or vane pump, but they differ on pump-down curves, so each one is a better fit for specific applications. So, always keep in mind that the pump-down curves and technical specifications that are provided by the manufacturer clearly reflect for what purpose the pump can be used in different conditions. Frequency of operation, operating temperature, process constituents, load volume, and more, all should be considered when choosing the roughing pump.

Proper Balance Between The Operations

The fact is that backing and/or roughing pumps have two distinct operations when they are in motion. The rough pump will first make the entire chamber convert atmospheric pressure to quite low pressure. This makes the high vacuum pump operate smoothly. So, when the process actually starts, the roughing pump reverts to the second position to support the high vacuum pump. But, this time it will provide lower pressure for the pump to exhaust straight from the outlet. In short, the higher the efficiency, the better it is for the pump. There are also situations where you won’t be needing a rough vacuum constantly, then you can add in a vacuum hold tank and allow the pump to pump down the tank, and further allow the vacuum to be removed on demand. An example of this type of application is central-vacuum systems for medical vacuum systems.   The tank can also reduce the amount of stopping and starting the vacuum pump experiences which can help in increasing the longevity of the pump. Otherwise, turning the pump off or on frequently can cause the motor to burn.

Final Thoughts

While it is tough to choose the right roughing pump or diaphragm pump, this guide will surely help you make the best selection. So, what are you still wondering? Begin your search for the best vacuum pump today. If you want to get high-quality vacuum pumps in Australia and New Zealand, then look no further and shop from Ezzi Vision. Here you will find a wide range of scientific and industrial pumps, diaphragm pumps, thin film coating systems, vacuum furnaces, Edward vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, freeze-drying systems, spare parts, and a lot more. The best part is you can get custom solutions as per your unique business requirements. Explore now from their official website today.

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