Ion Beam Etch

NEXUS IBE-420i Ion Beam Etch System

Higher Device Yields Through Improved CD Sigma Control.Raise data storage device yields and achieve exceptional uniformity with the NEXUS® IBE-420i™ Ion Beam Etching System. It offers improved CD sigma control for data storage applications, faster time to market for new applications, faster install time and better asset utilization and cost of ownership.

  • Designed to meet tighter etch depth control requirements
  • NEXUS ion source provides exceptional WIW rotated and 3D etch uniformity
  • Easily integrates with common technologies on world-class NEXUS hardware and software platform
  • Combined with an enhanced control system, NEXUS ion source offers excellent WTW and RTR repeatability
  • Available in single or dual cluster configurations
  • Backward-compatible to existing Veeco device-net cluster front ends

NEXUS IBE-420Si Ion Beam Etch System

Unsurpassed Uniformity over Multiple Energy and Process Angles

Maximize slider yields and achieve excellent ion beam etch uniformity with the NEXUS® IBE-420Si™ Ion Beam Etching System. The NEXUS IBE-420Si System offers unsurpassed uniformity over a wide range of energy and process angles, making it ideal for etch depth control of next-generation ABS step and cavity processing.

  • Superior uniformity and improved etch depth control
  • Highest throughput and reduced footprint for lowest cost of ownership
  • Easily integrates with common technologies on world-class NEXUS hardware and software platform
  • New NEXUS 420 Ion Source improves etch uniformity and process repeatability
  • Also available with RF350 source for operations that have process-qualified use of RF350 source
  • Platform can be cost-effectively field-upgraded to NEXUS 420 Ion Source

NEXUS IBE-350Se Ion Beam Etch System

Higher Throughput of ABS Deep Cavity Processing

Maximize the productivity of ABS deep cavity processing and high etch rate applications with Veeco’s NEXUS® IBE-350Se™ Ion Beam Etching System. Key attributes include lower cost of ownership, high throughput, small footprint, improved system utilization and the ability to cluster on the NEXUS platform.

  • High-power operation with enhanced substrate cooling
  • High throughput and reduced footprint for lowest cost of ownership
  • Ability to cluster on common NEXUS platform

NEXUS IBE-350Si Ion Beam Etch System

Cost-Effective Upgrade to Next-Generation Etch Platform

Get improved process control, reduced footprint and a field-upgradable design with Veeco’s NEXUS IBE-350Si Ion Beam Etching System. This improved system utilizes the same ion source, grids, fixtures and source-to-substrate geometry as legacy RF350S tools on a more reliable platform.

  • Process performance matches legacy RF-350S tools, with enhanced reliability
  • Ideal for cavity and shallow etching for higher device yield
  • Utilizes RF350 Ion Source and Staycool TECfixture to reduce substrate temperature
  • Field upgradeable to the NEXUS-420 Ion Source
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