The New Micro-Drift Cryostat

Ultra-Stable Sample Mounting:

Easily Maintain Sample Alignment During
Variable Temperature Experiments

– 300nm Base-50K
– 54µm Base-300K
– <2, <10, <100nm Vibrations Available
– 3mK Temperature Stability
– Low Accelerations into the Optical Table

Flexible & Powerful Cryogenics:

Select from Three Different Helium Free and
Flow Solutions to Meet Your Needs

   – CS-204 Cryocooler for 10K Performance
   – CS-210 Cryocooler for 5K Performance
   – LT-3 For <4K Liquid Cryogen Use

Sample Workspace & Instrumentation:

– 4 Inch Gold Plated Sample Plate Standard
– 6 Bobbin Thermal Anchors for Wire Lagging
– 25 Push Pin Sockets for Custom Wiring
– Swapable Feedthroughs for Convenient Re-Wiring
– Optional RF and Fiber Optic Cables Available