Semiconductor Manufacturing and Research

PCs and cell phones, such as smart phones, laptops, and tablet computers have gotten to be key in our data age. The chips fuelling these gadgets are made through repeated steps of vacuum processing

A variety of vacuum instruments, such as dry vacuum pumps, turbomolecular leak detectors, vacuum gauges and segments are utilized to streamline performance across applications, going from light duty to the heaviest forms.

Ezzi Vision offers a unique range of equipment, support services and technical expertise to meet application needs in the manufacture of microelectronics devices, including silicon and compound semiconductors. Ezzi Vision continues to supply innovative leading technology solutions to improve process uptime, yield, throughout and safety compliance whilst striving to balance the often conflicting requirements of:

– Lower cost of ownership through reduction in consumables usage (electrical power, fuel gas, nitrogen and cooling water),

– Reduced environmental emissions (noise, vibration, sub-fab particles, waste gas and waste water),

– Extended product lifetimes and reduction in on-going service costs.

Serving all leading process tool OEMs and with a presence at every major semiconductor fab in the world, our systems are designed to meet the specific requirements of existing and developing processes. A variety of systems, such as dry vacuum pumps, turbomolecular pumps and point-of-use abatement systems are offered to optimise performance across the range of applications, from light duty to the heaviest duty processes.


  • Load Lock
  • Transfer Chamber
  • Metrology
  • Lithography (& EUV Lithography)
  • PVD Process
  • PVD Pre-Clean
  • Rapid Thermal Annealing
  • Strip/Ashing
  • Dielectric Etch (Oxide Etch)
  • Silicon Conductor Etch
  • Metal Conductor Etch
  • Metal Organic CVD
  • Atomic Layer Deposition
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