Liquid Removal System

Vacuum equipment inevitably becomes contaminated with various liquids that negatively affect the running of the vacuum system and the gas flow by either being sucked into the vacuum in a vaporized form or liquid state. Taisei Giken’s patented Separator TRAPPACK technology is designed specifically to collect and quarantine these liquids.

How does the TRAPPACK remove liquids from gas streams?

The Gas Liquid Separator TRAPPACK is composed of magnetic fibers with adsorptive properties capable of adsorbing various liquids and separating them. Due to the Elements very low density, continuous separation and collection of unwanted liquids from the gas line is possible while only having very little pressure loss.
By installing the TRAPPACK to the fore line of the vacuum pump the collection and separation of any unwanted liquid can be enforced. Installations at the exhaust line are used to trap oil mist: This is helpful for machines that utilize brake fluid or detergent agents.


  • Trap unwanted liquid through magnetic adsorption
  • Continuous Separation and collection of liquids
  • Due to the Filters low density, very little pressure loss occurs.

Installation Example


The TRAPPACK is composed of magnetically adsorptive fibers that become activated when subjected to a gas flow. When the fibers become active their strong adsorptive power adsorbs unwanted liquids to the surface of the fiber and assimilates them. The fibers that become over saturated with unwanted liquid particles drain over time, dropping the liquid into the bottom of the housing.

This TRAPPACK is designed to separate liquid bodies from gases by employing Taisei Giken’s TRAPPACK Element technology which uses magnetically charged fibers to adsorb fine particles and liquid bodies to the surface of the fiber. When this liquid is adsorbed at the fibers surface, it becomes assimilated into the fibers and begins to saturate them until the liquid separates from the Element by dripping to the bottom of the housing. Liquid bodies are then drained from the bottom of the housing, protecting the vacuum pump by preventing any problems such as backflow from occurring and following this with an oil mist trapping function.

Vacuum Side Installations

Protects the vacuum pump and avoids contamination by collecting and separating unwanted liquids from the oil.

Liquid Separator Element

Protects both the equipment and the environment by preventing any backflow of unwanted liquids and implementing an oil mist trapping function.