Dry Pumping Technology

A key advantage of dry pumps, which include roots, claw and screw technologies, such as Edwards’ new CXS vacuum pump, is that they do not use water or oil for sealing or lubrication of the vacuum stages. As a result, they are economical to run, enabling users to optimise their vacuum processes and minimise overall cost of ownership.

Dry pumps eliminate the risk of the process contaminating the oil or of the oil carrying over into the exhaust system. They do not produce waste, or contaminate valuable solvents, products or the environment. Because of this, they offer clear savings in running costs, maintenance costs, and installation space over liquid-based water ring pumps, oil-sealed pumps and steam ejector systems, in addition to increased speed, process repeatability, flexibility and productivity.
The easy-to-use CXS pumps feature cutting-edge tapered screw technology, have excellent reliability, are simple to install, environmentally friendly and give improved liquid and solids handling.

The advanced screw technology gives smooth, gradual compression along the length of the rotor, which results in improved thermal control and optimised pumping at all inlet pressures. In addition, the CXS pumps feature an advanced temperature management system (TMS) which maintains the temperature at programmable levels for optimal process performance.

The innovative CXS pump design also incorporates novel compression and motor technologies which contribute to its excellent performance. It uses flooded air-gap potted motors, which are more efficient than standard motors, and integral drive and control systems, helping to lower the cost of ownership.

CXS pumps have long service intervals of up to five years and require minimal routine maintenance over their life expectancy of more than 25 years.

The energy-efficient CXS pumps are available as stand-alone pumps or complete systems, including mechanical boosters for higher pumping capacities and with accessories such as valves, flame arresters, condensers, knock-out pots and filters.

“This new generation of dry pumps combines the high performance technology we have developed in the harsh and demanding world of semiconductor vacuum with our long and successful experience of providing vacuum to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries,” said Dr. Don Collins, Chemical Market Development Manager, Edwards. “Our innovative CXS dry vacuum pumps set a new standard in dry pumping, and our customers can benefit from our advanced technology and applications expertise for highly reliable, efficient and easy-to-install and use vacuum systems. We can also provide maintenance support anywhere in the world, including China, through our knowledgeable and experienced service team.”