ARS Custom Cryogenic Solutions

UHV, Ultra-low Vibrations Cryostat for cooling an Ion Gun. The cryostat will be inserted into a particle accelerator for cooling a cathode tube array that fires charged ions into the accelerator.

UHV Cryostat for transmission and reflectance experiments on Atomic Ices. Cryostat will be mounted onto a Mechanical Z-Translator for accurate sample alignment in the vacuum chamber.

High power cryostat with 6ft extension for insertion into a superconducting vector magnet. Includes wiring for RF Measurements and XYZ Piezo Stage control. All feedthroughs and hoses are bent for 360 degree cryostat rotation within a 10″ clear diameter.

Ultra-low vibration cryostat for Atom Chip Experiments. Sample area features include UHV vacuum enclosure constructed of non-magnetic 316L Stainless steel and a mechanical Z-translator for accurate sample alignment with respect to the windows.

Ultra-low vibration cryo-optical table used to build a near-field scanning optical microscope, atomic force microscope (AFM), to study plasmons, polaritons and waveguide modes of various 2D materials such as graphene and TMDs

Electrical probing and high NA in-vacuum cold-objective for imaging 2D materials

Studies of electronic phases in superconductors and quantum materials

Ultra-stable sample platform for electrical stimulation of quantum dot LEDs and imaging at short working distance

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