HHV Spares And Parts

Consumable items and original spare parts for your deposition system

At HHV Ltd, we offer a range of process consumables, spare parts and accessories for your coating system. Our range of process consumables has been specially selected for use with the original E306, Auto306 and Auto500 resistance and electron beam sources. We supply additional or replacement process accessories such as filament holders, substrate heaters and work holders which are made to original Edwards drawings and quality. You can replace worn-out accessories with new ones, or enhance your system by adding extra or alternative sources.HHV Ltd can also provide consumables for older Edwards systems such as S150B, E306, 12E, 19E, E610 – please contact us with your requirements. Filaments and boats for resistance evaporation sources Specially selected for use with resistance sources on the Auto306 and Auto500 systems, these sources are also suitable for use with the older E306 and E306A coating systems.
HHV Spares And Parts
Carbonrod source
Electronbeam source
electron beam source crucible liners and filaments
Quartz monitor crystals
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Ensure your current vacuum pump is an Edwards RV3 or a similar model. It must qualify for the trade-in.
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