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The HEX Series | Highly Modular PVD Systems

Experience the HEX Series, a cutting-edge lineup of thin film deposition systems meticulously crafted to cater to your diverse research and implementation needs. Embark on your journey by acquiring the base model, and seamlessly enhance it with high-level components as your requirements evolve.

Streamlined Modularity

Our modular upgrades are engineered for effortless installation, reducing system downtime and keeping installation costs at bay.

Exploring the HEX Series

The HEX Series comprises two exceptional models:

1. benchtop HEX:

  • Features an 80 l/s pump, enabling base vacuums up to 8×10-7 mbar.
  • Accommodates sample sizes of up to 100 mm.
  • Equipped with a multi-sample holder for simultaneous processing of several smaller samples.
  • Offers various upgrade options, including a 300 l/s pump achieving a base vacuum of 4×10-7 mbar.

2. HEX-L:

  • Provides an expansive chamber, ideal for sample sizes of up to 150 mm.
  • Designed to accommodate larger samples or multiple smaller ones.

Customize your PVD system precisely to your requirements with the HEX Series. Elevate your research and implementation capabilities effortlessly.

Swift Re-Configuration with a Modular Approach

The HEX system boasts a clever modular design, facilitating rapid reconfiguration to adapt seamlessly to varying needs in the world of physical vapor deposition. At its core is a lightweight yet robust six-sided aluminum-framed high-vacuum chamber, purpose-built for a multitude of applications. This hexagonal marvel supports six interchangeable panels:

  1. Blank Panel: A versatile starting point.
  2. Viewport Panel: Offering visibility into the deposition process.
  3. Deposition Source Panel: The heart of your deposition setup.
  4. PLD Instrument Process Control Panel: Featuring essential components like mass flow controllers and thickness control.
  5. QCM Panel: Providing real-time, in-situ monitoring capabilities.

The HEX system employs standardized fittings, such as Hamlet quick connects for gas and water connections, and wing nuts for securing sample stages and components. This uniformity simplifies panel exchanges and system adjustments tailored to specific applications. Moreover, the modular design significantly enhances the speed and efficiency of maintenance and reconfiguration processes, ensuring you stay agile and adaptable in your pursuits.

Engineered for Research and Development Excellence

The HEX Series stands as a paragon of suitability for research and development endeavors, meticulously designed with modularity at its core. This thoughtful architecture grants unfettered access to all essential elements, empowering researchers to engage in comprehensive experimentation across diverse facets of thin-film deposition techniques. Key applications encompass:

  1. Sample Preparation for Surface Analysis: A fundamental step in surface analysis.
  2. Sputtering: Exploring the intricacies of this deposition technique.
  3. Thermal Evaporation: Delving into the world of thermal deposition.
  4. Organic Physical Vapor Deposition: Unleashing the potential of organic material deposition.

The base model of the HEX system is equipped with support for essential methodologies, including:

  • Metal and Photoresist Lift-Off Process: Enabling versatile lift-off processes.
  • EM Sample Preparation: Tailored for electron microscopy applications.
  • New Coating Research and Development: Facilitating groundbreaking innovations.
  • Magnetron Sputtering Deposition Optimization: Fine-tuning your sputtering endeavors.

Should your research necessitate additional capabilities, fear not, for the HEX system boasts an array of supplementary modules, expanding its horizons to encompass most thin-film deposition processes. Explore with confidence, innovate without boundaries.

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