Nitrogen Applications

We cater to a wide variety of applications in various industries, such as – F&B, Marine, Mining, Electronics and Laser Cutting, Oil & Gas and many more. With other 3500 installations worldwide, we’ve only mentioned above some of the general applications we serve. If you do not find the product for the application you’re looking for, please contact us if you do not find your application as we do offer solutions for a lot more applications.

To know more about the benefits of nitrogen PSA generators from Oxymat, kindly click on the link of any general nitrogen applications mentioned below to match your specification.

Oxymat Nitrogen Generators

OXYMAT Modular PSA Nitrogen Generators
Oxymat is pleased to introduce the PSA (LPSA) generator; the first of its kind with the low pressure and power consumption in the market.
A substantial reduction in the power requirement, almost as low as 0.19 kWh per Sm3 of nitrogen at an outlet pressure of 6.0 bar(g) and purities upto 99,9999% achieved with the same high quality of gas in the new nitrogen generators 

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Oxymat Dexo System – Opas
OPAS is the ultimate add-on tech for any nitrogen applications that require 1-100 ppm.
By connecting the OPAS to the nitrogen generation systems, high purified nitrogen can be attained at staggering minimized costs. The cost of purifying Nitrogen from 99.5% to 99.9999% is as little as 0,39 kW/h making the Oxymat OPAS the perfect environment favourable choice 

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OXYMAT PSA Nitrogen Standard Generators
The Oxymat PSA nitrogen generators include 16 standard models having a capacity ranging from 1.39 to 99.9999 m3/hour and flow calculated in Nm3/h with purity upto 99,9999%.
Sizes according customer needs is available. We request you to check the OXYMAT PSA nitrogen generator table below for our product range 

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OXYMAT X-series Frame Built Solutions
The Oxymat frame built PSA nitrogen generator include 9 models with a capacity ranging from 74.14 to 5558.19 m3/hour and flow calculated in Nm3/h with purity upto 99.9999%.

The X-Versions 2 to 5 are provided to meet the needs in the following applications – buffer vessels, frame built solutions, advanced control, filters, dew point, temperature, pressure, flow, purities and remote monitoring 

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A world front runner in developing, designing and manufacturing customised engineering PSA systems, turn-key, on-site O2 or N2 generating systems either inside a portable container or on a single skid, the Oxymat has unique gas generating systems for high pressure cylinder filling for gases like nitrogen and oxygen. 

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Applications of Nitrogen Generators

Food & beverages
In the food and beverage industry, the nitrogen generators are ideal for nitrogen inerting and blanketing Controlled Atmosphere Storage (CAS), grain fumigation, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), and Pest Control amongst others…. Read More

The on-site nitrogen PSA generators acts as an inert gas and is used for packaging in the pharmaceutical industry to prevent any type of oxidation… Read More
Oxymat high purity nitrogen PSA generator for electronics & laser cutting…. Read More
Mine fire prevention is one of Oxymat’s key applications. In the coal mines, nitrogen is primarily used to prevent mine fire…. Read More
Home Oil & gas Oxymat on-site nitrogen gas generators for enhanced oil & gas recovery – the perfect alternative to bulk or cylinder supply. Nitrogen is commonly used in the… Read More
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