Oxygen Generators for Aquaculture

Oxymat Oxygen Generators for Aquaculture will optimize your production.

In recent years, fish farming has turned into high density farming practice using ponds and large scale tanks.

Being a fish farmer, it is essential to maintain a high density amongst fishes and also a highly saturated level of oxygen in ponds.

The most essential element in modern day fish farming is pure oxygen. Growth rates become faster, FCR becomes better, there is less stress and diseases and better prices at which the fishes can be sold because of their increased quality – all because of pure oxygen. Oxymat is a source of 100% reliable oxygen to over 200 fish farms across the world for recirculation, flow through and to well boats.

With the decrease in supply of oxygen cylinders, the OXYMAT oxygen generators inturn save energy and money.

Uninterrupted supply of oxygen can be commenced immediately after installation of one of our plants.

With an experience in supplying oxygen generators on the field of fish farming, our generators are known to be reliable, providing lower operational costs and ease in usage.

We have experience from salmon, eel, trout, seabream, tilapia and seabass, in booth sea water and fresh water applications. We provide a fast response time for your assistance through our experienced staff who are on duty 24/7.

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