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Welcome to Ulvac – your specialist in vacuum generation. As an Ulvac vacuum pumps and parts manufacturer, we provide complete services at a low charge, including maintenance and repair, sales, and support. We are delighted to provide our valued customers with the latest developments in vacuum technology through our renowned Ulvac vacuum products.

Introduction to Ulvac Vacuum Technology

Ulvac is a renowned brand in the vacuum technology sector for innovation with a legacy of performance that has consistently satisfied the needs of clients over the decades. From the very start of its existence in 1952, Ulvac has explored the field of Ulvac vacuum technology and provided its clients with products that are not only top-notch but also guarantee premium quality, reliability, and performance.

The Ulvac’s product range covers a wide variety of vacuum pumps, vacuum systems, Ulvac vacuum furnaces, and other related components. Regardless of whether you are in the semiconductor industry, heavy in research and development, or engaged in manufacturing, Ulvac has targeted solutions for your specific needs.


Featured Ulvac products available at Ezzi Vision

Explore our list of industry-leading Ulvac products with vacuum pump solutions:

  • Dry Vacuum Pumps

Ulvac’s dry vacuum pumps offer high pumping speeds, low power consumption, and minimal maintenance requirements. This makes them ideal for applications in semiconductor processing, analytical equipment, and more.We have the expertise to understand the unique technical requirements of customers in the industry, and we leave no stone unturned to research and offer products that match their specific needs. With our recognized sales service and technical support, we go above and beyond to serve every one of your specifications.

  • Sputtering System

Sputtering systems are crafted to precisely deposit thin films for various applications, including optical coatings, semiconductor device manufacturing, and surface modification. With advanced controls ensuring excellent film uniformity, Ulvac's sputtering systems deliver outstanding performance and reliability.

  • Ulvac Rotatory Vacuum Pump

Experience unparalleled performance with Ulvac rotary vacuum pumps designed to meet the most demanding industrial requirements. Our rotary pumps provide exceptional reliability, efficiency, and durability, delivering high vacuum performance for a wide range of applications.

  • Helium Leak Detectors

Ulvac helium leak detectors are true to the brand's claims due to their sensitivity, accuracy, and ease of usage. It is a leak detection mission in the power vacuum system of spacecraft, vital leak control in the hermetic seal, or quality assurance, as the Ulvac helium leak detectors can solve these with world-class performance and reliability.

  • Vacuum Gauges and Regulators

Ulvac supplies a wide range of gauges and regulators with the best performance for measuring and maintaining accuracy in vacuum pressure. From vacuum gauges that use basic thermocouples to gauges that have advanced capacity, the ultra-accuracy and reliability in measurement and control of the vacuum parameters are offered by Ulvac.

  • Vacuum Pump Oils

Ulvac is proud to offer vacuum pump oil, compatible with various vacuum pump models, including rotary vane pumps, dry pumps, and diffusion pumps. Whether you use our vacuum pumps or another brand, employing vacuum pump oil can help ensure consistent performance and reliability.

Why choose Ulvac products?

Here are the reasons why you should choose Ulvac products:
  • Innovative Technology- Ulvac is well known for its persistent efforts to stay one step ahead of the curve by investing in research and development of vacuum technology. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments in various fields through Ulvac vacuum pump and other products.
  • Exceptional Quality- High quality and reliability are the major features of the Ulvac. When you choose Ulvac products, such as MPF products, be sure you are buying machines equipped with standard technology used in the industry.
  • Comprehensive Support- We are committed to the best service, and after-sales service to our consumers. Whether it is assisting with product selection, installation, or maintenance, our team of experts will guide you every step of the way.
  • Versatility- Our products comprise vacuum pumps sealed with Ulvac vacuum pump oil used for semiconductor manufacturing, thin film coating from the optical lens, and a vacuum system used for research purposes, among many others.

Choose streamlined efficiency with Ulvac vacuum technology

Global industries are improving their performance with the help of Ulvac's innovative solutions in addition to semiconductor production and materials research. Are you prepared to use modern vacuum technology to improve your operations? Call us today for more information about how Ulvac could be the right solution for your company. Discover your power with Ulvac, your faithful and reliable business partner in vacuum technology.
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