Turbomolecular Pumping Stations

T-Station 75 Turbomolecular Pumping Stations

United with the EXT75DX turbopump, the T-Station 75 turbomolecular pumping station produces pumping speeds of 42 l/s – 61 l/s with a dry pump or oil sealed pump and a simple controller.

A perfect product for general laboratory requirements, the T-station 75 is designed with a Turbo and Active Gauge controller which provides the ability to control the active gauges*, vent valve*, aids a delayed start of turbopump to time or pressure if a gauge is fixed, and most importantly a distinct start/stop button for the system.

  • Compact:  Reduced footprint
  • Fully Assembled: No Systemisation needed
  • Robust Construction: Reasonable Cost of Ownership
  • Separate purchase of Gauges and TAV5 vent valve must be made.
  • The E2M1.5 or XDD1 high capacity backing pumps gives an alternative to either choose and completely dry diaphragm pump or an oil sealed pump
  • In-built air cooler reduces the noise in the operation by replacing multiple fans, and also cools the internal power supply
  • New custom TAG (Turbo and Active Gauge) controller features:
  • For ease in automated performance, there is a distinct button to start/stop the pump on command
  • Display is easy to read as the turbo speed is shown in percentage
  • There is zero extra cost for the display of gauge due to the capacity to control a single active gauge including AIM, ASG, APG100, or WRD and selection of units
  • For large systems, it facilitates an automatic start-up due to a delayed turbo start to either time, or where gauge is fixed to pressure
  • No user involvement is necessary to fit the TAV5 vent valve due to the option to select vent mode for automatic venting
  • According to the application requirement for the user, this is readily available with an NW40, ISO63 or CF63 inlet flange.
  • Optimum flexibility due to the ability of plugging the TAV5 vent valve directly into DX module and controller and enabling selectio of three modes :
  • Controlled vent, from 100% then hard vent at 50% speed
  • Hard vent at 50% speed
  • Fan (Ideal for application where either venting is not required or with an air cooler for remote pump mounting while constantly providing power to the socket)

Turbo Pumping Stations
An all-inclusive solution to all vacuum needs, the Edwards range of nEXT turbomolecular pumping stations are designed with state-of-the-art  technology for easy installation and performance.

These pumping stations are combined with the TIC turbo and instrument controller for providing an automated start/stop function and an ease in integration with Edwards Active Gauges.

  • Designed to Your Needs: Wide variety of choices of turbomolecular and backing pumps 
  • Fully Assembled: No systemisation necessary
  • Simple Operation: Smart and easy to use controls with serial communications

While we believe in specialisation according to needs of the our customers, we generally offer our EXT75DX pump for pumping speeds from 42 l/s to 66 l/s. Extra flexibility in user serviceability along with an option to back the pump plus a turbo and instrument TIC200 is offered for pumping speeds of 240l/s to 400l/s. An industry standard of an oil sealed pump generally comes with an EMF mist filter fitted in it and for the nXDS dry scroll pump, the industry standard generally comes with an isolation valve fitted between the backing pump and turbo pump.

  • Accelerators
  • Analysis and surface physics
  • Beam lines
  • Electron beam welding
  • Load locks
  • High energy physics
  • Research & development
  • Surface science
  • UHV systems

Turbo Pumps
 At Edwards, it is our priority to deliver unparalleled vacuum pump performances for the most challenging application. This is why we have designed the nEXT technology to provide an entirely new experience in the industry of turbo pumps and increase performance.

The nEXT rotor eliminates the conventional concept of only delivering either high speed or high compression. Instead, the blade arrangements in the rotors are completely upgraded to maximise both speed, and compression.

And the final result being a phenomenal benchmark for any pump of its size.
Pump Ranges:

  • EXT75DX
  • nEXT 240 D or T 
  • nEXT 300 D or T
  • nEXT 400 D or T

We have the right pump for you, whether it’s a low priced oil-sealed pump, or a completely dry system. We cater to meet your needs with our extensive range of backing pumps for the turbo pumping stations. So ask, and you will receive!

Why Choose an Edwards nXDS DRY Scroll Pump?

For a oil free, resilient, trustable vacuum solution, we recommend you to change your vacuum experience to the new nXDS dry scroll pump.

  • Silent operation | Better work environment and low environmental impact
  • Smart and easy to use controls | Simple operation
  • Hermetically sealed for a lubricant free vacuum environment | No contamination and no oil to dispose
  • Long service interval and low power Consumption | Minimal cost of ownership
  • Better vapour handling | Faster process

Why Choose an Edwards RV OIL-SEALED Pump?

  • The Edwards RV series have set an industry benchmark and have sold over a striking 150,000 units. This has been achieved due to our field proven deisgn and reliability in an extensive range of applications and environments.
  • High vapour handling | Faster process
  • Better particulate handling | More reliabile
  • Fast acting, automatic inlet valve for best in class anti-suck back protection | Safe process and systems
  • Mode selector and two position gas ballast | Designed to meet your vacuum needs
  • Developed for easy maintenance | No unplanned downtime
  • Silent running | Better work environment

Pump Ranges:

  • nXDS Dry Scroll Pump
  • E2M Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pump
  • RV Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pump
  • XDD Diaphragm Pump
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