Turbo Molecular Pumps

EXT Turbomolecular Pumps

The EXT Compound Turbo molecular Pumps has the combined certified technology of the ceramic mechanic lower bearing, the Holweck drag stage, a dry lasting magnetic upper bearing and a bonus on-board controller and a 24V d.c motor that adds to the convenience. Overall it requires minimal maintenance on high critical fore line pressure processes with oil and vibration free operation. It’s highly reliable, providing ultra-high vacuum with hydrocarbon-free functioning.

  • Compact Design : Optimum Performance for Efficient Systemization
  • Reliable : Lasting magnetic upper bearing and oil lubricated bottom bearing for trouble-free operation
  • Compatible with Edwards TAG and TIC Turbo Instrument Controller : Add up to 3 Vacuum Gauges Without the Need of an Additional Gauge Controller
  • RoHS Compliant : CSA/ULC Approved


  • Mass spectrometry
  • Electron microscopy
  • Research and development
  • High energy physics
  • Industrial
  • Efficient systematization due to high performance from compact design
  • Lasting magnetic upper bearing and oil lubricated bottom bearing for reliable running
  • Due to its compatibility with the Edwards TAG and TIC turbo and instrument controller, you can add up to 3 vacuum gushed without the need of an additional gauge controller.
  • RoHS compliant and CSA/UL approved

Turbo Molecular Pumps

nEXT Turbomolecular Pumps

The front-runner amongst the world’s vacuum technology, Edwards, brings forth it’s highly reliable benchmark for scientific turbomolecular pumps with optimum performance and serviceability- the nEXT range of turbomolecular pumps that claim to be an ideal partner for analytical, high energy physics, R&D and UHV applications.

The nEXT range of turbomolecular pumps combine features and all the latest advances in its technology to provide a class leading product with end-user serviceability. The pump sizes available offer true 240, 300 and 400 litres per second pumping speed performance (N2).

The pumping speed performance received from the various sizes offer 240, 300 and 400 litres per second.

  • State-of-the-art rotor design to deliver extraordinary pumping speeds and compression ratios
  • Field proven reliability in the most challenging environments with over 200,000 turbomolecular pumps installed
  • Standard fit in many of the leading analytical instruments and designed with high energy physics, R&D and UHV in mind

Developed by keeping in mind high energy physics, R&D and UHV making it an ideal fit for leading analytical instruments.

  • Completely end user serviceable in minimum time without complex tooling or major disassembly

Traditional turbomolecular pump rotors either delivered high speed or high compression. The nEXT rotor on the other hand, eliminates that compromise through its re-designed blade arrangements for exceptional pump performance for a pump it’s size and achieve both higher speeds and compression.

Edwards is the leading producer of turbomolecular pumps in the world. Our industry standard STP pumps for magnetically levitated turbomolecular pumps are the most demanded in the challenging semiconductor applications. The EXT and nEXT are at an equal level of demand and have become an industry standard in many of the analytical instruments and R&D establishments over the last 20 years, making it close to 200,000 pumps in the field.

Our solid reputation for our turbomolecular pumps in the field of analytical manufacturers in the world has been quite rewarding. When you buy an Edwards nEXT turbomolecular pump, reliability is guaranteed, based on field proven technology and also user serviceability in just minutes!

In a traditional turbomolecular pump, there is an increase in vibration levels because the bearing is supported axially and radially by damping elastomers that eventually damp the rotor vibration.

Whereas, in the Edwards nEXT turbomolecular pump, there are lower vibration levels for the lifetime of the pump. This is due to the lower bearing being hard mounted into a special suspension system that eliminates damping elastomers. This special suspension system is intended to be stuff in the axial direction that ensures precise rotor positioning, but also more compliant radially that eventually absorbs vibration.

The end user serviceability is facilitated while changing the pump bearing because it does not require to be re-balanced and can be done without the use of complex tooling, jigs, fixtures or major disassembly.

  • Low cost of ownership – user serviceability
  • Reduced time – no customs paperwork or health & safety forms to complete
  • Increased up time – no shipping product for service

Flexibility and customization are the main features kept in mind while developing the nEXT range of pumps. This has helped us to cater to the growing needs and challenges faced for various applications, by utilizing the extensive knowledge we have in the field and providing tailored solutions. Splitfow variants are also available to suite a larger array of uses.

The nEXT range of pumps facilitate a rapid development in customization with minimum design and delivery time and maximum performance, providing an ultimate compact product for a certain application using its off the shelf “starting” components. nEXT turbomolecular pumps available with either an ISO100/160 or a CF100/160 inlet flange and has a N2 pumping speeds from 240 to 400 ls-1. The pumps are an integration of the proven bearing technology, dry permanent magnetic upper bearing, oil lubricated ceramic lower bearing with a better rotor design and a new molecular drag stage to provide new and improved pumping speeds and compression ratios. These pumps ensure complete user serviceability. They include 24 to 48 V DC sensor less motors that have a built-in drive fully compatible with our controllers – TAG and TIC. The pumps are available pre-set for either 80 or 160 W maximum power. The 80 W enables use with our 100 W TIC controllers are suggested for pumping Argon, but with a longer ramp time to full operating speed.

With a longer ramp time to complete operating speed, the 80 W enables use with our 100 W TIC controllers are and suggested for pumping Argon.

Turbo Molecular Pumps
Turbo Molecular Pumps Australia

STP Maglev Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps

For a consistent, reliable performance and zero maintenance, you can rely on Edwards STP Maglev Turbomolecular Pumps to deliver every time. These are the primary option for applications that require high up-time, hydrocarbon-free pumping, minimal maintenance and reduced vibration. These are the sought-out option for applications that require reduced maintenance and vibration, hydrocarbon-free pumping and high up-time.

There is no contact between the rotor and the pump because it is entirely suspended using magnetic bearings. This not only reduces the vibration levels but also reduces level of maintenance because there isn’t any contact with the bearing when the rotor is rotated. An energy saving protocol has also been included in each design so as to ensure efficiency in power consumption without a compromise on quality or performance of the pump. The first STP Maglev Turbomolecular Pump was sold in 1983, and currently world-wide we have over 130,000 installations from which 85% run on semiconductor process tools where they show incredible levels of operation.

  • Increased Productivity:
    Faster Pump Down to Base Pressure
  • Compact Size:
    Saves Space & ensures easy installation
  • Low Cost of Ownership:
    Low Power & Utilities Consumption
  • Maintenance Free:

Flat Panel Display

STP Maglev Turbomolecular Pumps are available in an extensive range designed to ensure utmost substrate throughout and an optimum zero humidity process condition along with reducing power, footprint and weight.


STP Maglev Turbomolecular Pump is the ultimate compact package that operates at low power for larger volume, high-flow applications.


The STP Maglev Turbomolecular Pumps are highly customized to specific applications with commendable process gas handling, stability in performance and optimum reliability.

Semiconductor Processing  

The STP Maglev Turbomolecular Pumps are a definitive choice for your pump needs because of its entirely magnetically-levitated rotor that reduces the risk of contamination to the pump and therefore reduces the need for service.

Advanced High Throughput Series

The next generation of semiconductor etch and CVD processes require high levels of substrate throughput, and the STP Maglev Turbomolecular Pumps’ magnetically-levitated “advantage” series provide just that. They have been developed to a continuous series of advanced improvement techniques from the H series of products to ensure high performance and reliability. It can be considered as the next generation of a high throughput turbo pump, owing to the fact that it’s improved rotor technology and 3D blade design with a combination of the best materials has allowed its creation inside the same footprint as many of its existing variants. 300 l/s to 4500 l/s is the throughput speeds within which pumps in this range are available, where there is an increased performance in H2, N2 and Ar for throughput upto 6 slm.

Fully Integrated Controller & Power Supply

These pumps are an ultimate all-in-one solution to all your pump needs. It’s fully integrated controller helps to reduce the footprint and save considerable amounts on real estate as well as installation cost and time. There is a 32% reduction in the energy consumption at high gas flows due to the presence of a small power supply present in the on-board controller. It operates at throughput speeds from 300 l/s to 4500 l/s which makes it ideal for many operations and applications.

Ultra-High Vacuum

The Ultra High Vacuum series of magnetically levitated turbomolecular pumps provide unparalleled reliability, operation, cleanliness and set a benchmark for low vibration levels and are ideal for many semiconductor, surface science or high energy physics industries. Being DC powered, they utilize a half rack controller that includes autotuning and advanced diagnostic features.

The range includes pumps with speeds from 300 l/s to 1000 l/s and <10-10 mbar ultimate pressure (CF flange). A “C” version for harsh process is available as well.

Ultra-High Vacuum Low Vibration Series

Incorporating all the features from the Ultra High Vacuum series, this range has a built-in vibration isolator as well that gives an ultra-low vibration operation.
Select the right controller to partner with your STP Maglev Turbo Pump by selecting from of our range of SCU control Units.

SCU-350 Control Unit

The SCU-350 is ideal for small sized turbo pumps and is EU-RoHS compliant. It has an enhanced vibration property at a lower frequency range and is fully-compatible with the current control unit models. There is a reduction in electric capacity and tool power consumption owing to the fact that it had lower input voltage. The SCU-350 is provided with enhanced noise immunity with universal voltage function for operation with supply voltage from 100-240 VAC without switching.

SCU-800 Control Unit
The SCU800 is ideal for middle sized pumps and is a also fully digital. There is an additional reduction in vibration due to the new Auto Vibration Reduction technology and advanced notice of information on maintenance time is provided with the advanced pre-maintenance call function.

SCU-XL800 Control Unit

Most suited for the pumps ranging from 600 l/s to 1300 l/s, the SCU-XL800 is fully digital and eliminates vibrations of less than 300 Hz which are difficult to eliminate even with mechanical vibration isolators. The Digital Sign Processor techniques shows that the SCU-XL800 achieves a sub-nanometer vibration level across its frequency spectrum which makes it most suitable for electron microscopy, metrology and lithography systems where low-vibration is essential.

SCU-1600 Control Unit

The SCU-1600 controller is compatible with pump speeds ranging from 2000 l/s to 4500 l/s. They are highly reliable, provide better communication and pump compatibility with reduction in back-up unit requirements, ultimately reducing overall cost of ownership.

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