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Shop for the popular Thyracont vacuum gauges exclusively with us.  Thyracont is a reputed brand for making extraordinary products including vacuum transducers, vacuum sensors, vacuum switches, vacuum metres, accessories, and more. The brand offers a wide range of measuring principles in various combinations such as Pirani, piezo, cold cathode, capacitive, and hot cathode. Applications cover the process industry, Analytics, semiconductor, coating, solar sectors, and R&D.

Ezzi Vision is an exclusive distributor of Thyracont vacuum products in Australia and New Zealand. Our extensive experience and in-depth product knowledge of Thyracont’s range of profits will help in guiding you and make the best selection for your needs.

Thyracont Vacuum Instruments

Why Should You Buy Thyracont Vacuum Gauges?

All-In Purpose Gauge

The thyracont gauges can either be used off permanent installation or as. Portable instrument in vacuum facilities. These metres can easily be operated by a plug-in power supply or a battery.

Easily Record Measurements

One great thing about thyracont vacuum instruments is that it features an integrated data logger that can easily save pressure values independent of a PC throughout the measurement.

Precise Results

If you want a vacuum gauge that displays absolutely exact pressure then thyracont gauges are the best ones. These come with advanced electronics and compensated se speed that guarantees reproducible and precise measuring results.

Great Flexibility

The thyracont vacuum also features sensors in a position that is daunting to reach. Not just that, these are also handy when a single instrument is needed for multiple measuring points, thereby allowing you great flexibility. 

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