Oxymat oxygen supply in Ozone & water treatment

Production and use of Oxymat oxygen supply in water treatment.

Our oxygen generator plants are highly cost effective and low in energy use.

Clean water is an essential for survival but in today’s world has become one of the most scarce resources. The oxygen generators at OXYMAT can be used to add oxygen directly into the waste water to increase the effectiveness for removing pollutants. It is also used as feed gas for the ozone system.

Oxymat oxygen supply for water treatment applications and in particular:

Oxymat oxygen generators for ozone.

To remove odour and ensure clean, safe and high quality drinking water from the tap, Ozone is highly effective because of its bacteriological treatment properties.

O3 is a highly effective and an environmentally safe gas making it suitable for water treatment in huge quantities; including both drinking and industrial waste water. In the process to make ozone, pure oxygen is used. OXYMAT has relationship many ozone producers worldwide and would be pleased to redirect any requests to any of our business partners.

Oxymat oxygen generators for drinking water

For survival, clean drinking water is essential. Water is retrieved from under the ground, and is filtered, oxidised and pumped to the end user. In the modern day fresh water comes into no direct contact with the surrounding preventing any contamination by air because it is treated in closed piping and filter systems. The perfect oxyanion of water is created by mixing 95% pure oxygen in water at a level of 7 ppm per liter in a closed system and is ultimately distributed to the end users.

Oxymat oxygen generators for waste water

Oxygen plays a key role in the cleaning and treat
ment of waste water. The oxygen feed gas plants at OXYMAT treat waste water with the help of bio filtersm the bio filters increase the efficiency of pure oxygen to the maximum.

When the OXYMAT oxygen generators are installed, there is a guaranteed saving in the energy right after installations. Other benefits of the same include:


  • Extremely cost effective
  • Miminaml energy usage
  • Maximises the effectivity of removing pollutants
  • Environmentally safe
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