Oxygen Generators for Mining & mineral processing

Oxymat on-site oxygen generators for mining and mineral processing.

OXYMAT’s key application is Gold leaching.

Oxygen is the most important element processing gold ore as pressure oxidation, cyanidation, while extracting gold.

It considerably increases gold recovery and ore throughput. Oxygen generated decreases the cost of cyanide and waste products.

Most mining or mineral processing sites are in remote areas and hence require huge investments in logistics for off-site production of oxygen. Hence, to reduce these costs, OXYMAT on-site oxygen production is an ideal choice.

4 Au(aq) + 8 NaCN(s) + O2(g) + 2 H2O(aq) → 4 Na[Au(CN)2](aq) + 4 NaOH(aq)

Benefits of using oxygen application in leaching process:

  • Increased Gold Recovery 

Rate of gold extraction increases significantly with the enhancement of gold cyanidation due to the higher amounts of oxygen dissolved in the leaching process.

  • Decreased Retention Time by Leaching –

Up to reduction of 50% leaching time from the traditional 96-72 hours of the same.

  • Increased Ore throughput
  • Increased Silver Recovery –

In the same process reaction as gold, silver is also dissolved in the leaching process.

  • Decreased Cyanide Consumption –

The level of cyanide required is reduced considerably due to the sufficient amounts of oxygen.

Decreased Waste Treatment 

The reduced need of cyanide in the leaching process, further reduces the cyanide that needs to be removed from the waste stream. The oxygen so generated can become an environmentally friendly oxidizing agent by being directly injected into the waste stream or also used as a feed gas to an ozone generator.

Special design features include:

  • Maximum capacity upto 50 TPD oxygen
  • Power consumption is low 0.8 – 1 kW/kg Oxygen
  • Emission of CO2 is low
  • Developed to last in rough conditions and extreme industrial environments
  • On-site installation and startup is quick and easy
  • Optional container or frame-built solution
  • Remote control access

Nickel, lead, smelters or iron processing consume large amounts of oxygen.

Types of Mines:

  • Gold mining and processing
  • Silver mining and processing
  • Coal and Copper mining and processing Diamond mining Nickel, Lead, Aluminium and Iron processing
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