oxygen generators for military and field hospitals

Mobile field hospitals in the military require OXYMAT oxygen generators and oxygen filling stations. Tire filling applications in the military require OXYMAT nitrogen generation systems.

Our oxygen generators have over the years been a very reliable and safe source of high quality medical oxygen and have saved many lives in the hospital field. This reduces the overall risk endured in the case of traditional high pressured cylinders.

Our OXYMAT oxygen generators perform very well in harsh climatic conditions and at very high altitudes. They require low logistic support because of their self contained, portable and easy to transport properties. By providing a state-of-the-art source of oxygen at the point of use, these generators are highly useful and are currently functioning all over the world in times of disaster.

When the OXYMAT oxygen generators are installed, there is a guaranteed saving in the energy right after installations. Other benefits of the same include:


  • Whenever and wherever required, only produce the gas that you need
  • ’No’ on on-going costs (refills, delivery and transportation charges, etc.)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Risk of handling high pressure cylinderse is eliminated
  • Cost reduction up to 80% in comparison to cylinders
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