Nitrogen generators for mining and mineral processing

Mine fire prevention is one of Oxymat’s key applications.

To restrain any form of oxidation, an inert atmosphere is necessary. We, at Oxymat, can deliver gas generating plant corresponding to your consumption needs at your required level of purity and quantity to withstand harsh environments.

Benefits of using nitrogen in coal mining:

  • Economical means for inerting – Compressed air is needed for air separation to create nitrogen in required purity and quantity.
  • Underground fire extinguishing – By lowering oxygen to below a level where burning is likely.
  • Non-aggressive unlike other firefighting sources – water, powder, foam – Corrosion or other forms of  harm is negligible when it comes to nitrogen as compared to other agents. By simply airing the premises, the consequences from using nitrogen is eliminated.
  • Injecting nitrogen in stranded and abandoned areas of mines prevents fires and explosions.
  • Oxygen, Heat and Fuel combine to make the “Fire Triangle”. If any one of these is removed, there are no chances of fire. Instead of distinguishing fire with fire distinguishers, it is better to replace oxygen with nitrogen to not give a chance for the Fire Triangle to exist.
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