Nitrogen Generator for Oil & gas applications

The perfect substitute from the huge cylinders, the Oxymat’s nitrogen gas generators for oil and gas applications is used for well stimulation, pressure testing and injection.
Nitrogen is also ideal to flood marginal fields, by using water or chemical surfactant flooding in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) projects. The purity requirements depend upon the application. Our range of nitrogen systems range from 0.3 to 10000 m3/h and have purities upto 99.9999%.
View our full range of standard nitrogen solutions here or contact our experts for your custom-made solution.
Oxymat on-site nitrogen gas generators for oil & gas applications and in particular:
  • Preventing flammable atmospheres by inerting the equipment
  • Eliminating air/oxygen in equipment before startup
  • Blanketing in tanks, preventing ingress of air
  • For welding operations
  • Withdrawing equipment to prevent the “rusting” process
  • Instrument air backup
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