Nitrogen Generator For Food & beverage Application

Oxymat nitrogen supply for the food and beverage applications and in particular:

  • Nitrogen inerting and blanketing
  • Controlled Atmosphere Storage (CAS)
  • Pest Control and grain fumigation
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • Undercover gassing
  • Nitrogen injection
  • Sparging/stripping
  • Purging
  • Nitrogen flushing
  • Aerosol propellant
  • Beverage mixing / dispensing


With the growing demands of higher quality needs in the food industry by consumers, there is no room for producing spoilt, or foods with bacterial growth. This often occurs with the free oxygen in the atmosphere and can be replaced by using nitrogen generators that inject nitrogen inside food packaging after the air has been flushed out to increase the shelf life of foods.


Nitrogen pressure in carbonated beverages helps to keep the carbon dioxide in solution by filling the container headspace to add value to the product. Also used for still beverages, beers, wine, tea, juice boxes, bottles water etc where a predetermined rate of nitrogen is injected to pressurise each container separately and keep it rigid.

The Oxymat oxygen generators are known to increase shelf life, provide high quality, and other advantages mentioned below:

  • Increase quality and shelf life of materials sensitive to air
  • Grow exports to markets at long distances
  • Maintenance and preservation of freshness in packages or bulk foods
  • Economic conservation
  • Remove volatile contaminants, increase efficiency
  • Storage safety
  • Slows down rancidity and other types of oxidative damage
  • Acts as an inert replacement for air where oxidation is unacceptable
  • Delay the decay process
  • Easy and economical method to improve product quality
  • Extend the shelf life of raw fresh and processed foods
  • No product degeneration throughout processing and storage
  • Remove bugs and micro-organisms

Why OXYMAT on-site nitrogen systems for food & beverage industry?

On-site production of nitrogen in the F&B industry guarantees an improvement in the overall quality of the product. This means that there is an extended shelf life, delay of food from being rancid and decaying and preservation of its freshness, taste and texture.

At Oxymat, we recognize the need for a reliable, secure and independent source of nitrogen as opposed to the uncontrollable nature of external sources of nitrogen. The most ideal PSA nitrogen gas generator cuts cost, has reduced noise levels and is of a compact size with small foot prints to ease the process of installation in factories.

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