MPF Products

MPF (Manufactured Precision Feedthrough) Products are specified in designing and manufacturing electrical feedthroughs and vacuum viewports by implementing the latest ceramic-to-metal seal technologies.

Ezzi Vision and MPF have been working coordinately into a single cohesive supplying unit utilizing a vertical integration structure. The collaboration has allowed us to perform together with the MPF’s internal team as their in-house optics division, promoting the research, development, and manufacturing processes.


Why Choose Ezzi Vision?

Ezzi Vision is the leading supplier of high-performance MPF products and components, ensuring end-to-end service to satisfy all our customer needs. From the initial problem-solving phase through design concept and customization to supply a completely qualified production part, Ezzi Vision can do it!

With our well-spread network and capability of using the available resources to the optimum, we have acquired a prominent status among the exporters and suppliers of a wide range of components in Australia. We offer a premium quality of MPF’s coaxial connectors, networking cables, pick-up wires, and Kapton insulated wires. Given the growing demand for MPF’s product range, we aim to reach an even larger client base and compete as the very best in the industry.

MPF Products

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With plenty of metal and ceramic components in our inventory, Ezzi Vision opts for a reduced lead time for our customers. Explore the wide range of our MPF products for your next project:


        Coaxial connectors

Coaxial connectors from MPF are known for their impeccable electrical continuity through the innermost conductor. The components also have floating shield features, offering additional isolation from the chamber ground. It is designed to be utilized with standard Mil-spec airside connection, fitting varying requirements.



MPF offers numerous E-beam and other compatible crystal sensor feedthroughs that are ideally suited to be mounted on the base plate bolts. A single-pin high amperage design can place much energy into the source material for thermal evaporation. They can customize the component using the latest design software to meet the most demanding productivity yield.


        Multipin connectors

Ezzi Vision delivers MPF-manufactured multipin connectors with a single header design and varying conducting qualities. These are generally used for the transmission of multiple electrical signals. The multi-pin connectors are also used for lower power requirements in certain applications. The component is made from various materials, including copper, alumel, BeCu, Nickel, stainless steel, and Molybdenum.


        UHV Isolators


MPF’s UHV isolators are tubular electrical isolators, where every design is made of a metal adapter. They are hermetically bonded to each end of an alumina ceramic, giving in a voltage standoff from every side. All the UHV isolators will provide a different voltage standoff, depending on the alumina ceramic’s wall thickness and inside diameter.


        UHV viewports


UHV viewports from MPF have unique designs and features to withstand scientific and harsh environment applications, requiring excellent atomic level hermiticity. They implement UV and EUV-grade sapphire, fused silica, and other metals. With over 175 standard designs, their engineering team has extensive inventory levels and speciality vacuum viewport designs.


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