MeiVac Sputter Sources

As a multifaceted supplier of MeiVac thin film manufacturing systems and components used in multiple high-technology production and development applications, Ezzi Vision has been serving several markets in the industry, including data storage, solar, telecom, research and development, among others.

MeiVac sputter systems and thin-film components are manufactured to achieve higher performance and process solutions. They are best known for their decision tools used extensively in producing Thin Film heads in Hard disk drives.


Why Ezzi Vision?

Ezzi Vision is a reliable supplier of ultra-high vacuum equipment, RV Pumps, Dry Scroll Pumps, and compresses imported from overseas companies. With several years of proven experience and credibility, we have emerged as the leading and largest equipment supplier to industries across Australia.

We have the expertise to understand the unique technical requirements of customers in the industry, and we leave no stone unturned to research and offer products that match their specific needs. With our recognized sales service and technical support, we go above and beyond to serve every one of your specifications.

Our Services

Given their standard quality range and custom configurations, Ferrotec’s MeiVac thin film manufacturing products are the right choice for your process. At Ezzi Vision, we offer the various components from MeiVac, including,

Advanced high-precision Thin film magnetron sputter sources

We provide MeiVac sputter sources designed to fit the smallest profile problem with higher performance rates. The features of the components include:

  • Cathode and magnets are isolated from water
  • Design requires only one vacuum seal
  • Supplied as either HAVE or UHV
  • Absence of water to vacuum seas
  • Sputter magnetic materials
  • Target does not require any campaign or bonding to cathode.
  • Operates in DC or RF power modes
  • The range of sputter is between 0.5 – 6000 m Torr Ar
  • Adjustable anode, preventing build and shadowing.

Re-Vap Resistive Evaporation Sources

At Ezzi Vision, we provide MeiVac’s extensive product line for evaporation sources. The Re-Vap Resistive Evaporation Sources is the ideal platform for your thermal evaporation tool. Different variants of the evaporation sources are available, namely Re-Vap 900W and Re-Vap 3kW Resistive Evaporation Source.

e-beam evaporation sources

We offer a complete line of MeiVac’s electron beam evaporation products. From miniature sources for research purposes to 400cc for industrial purposes, we have an entire range of power supplies, controls, and accessories to install an evaporation system under one roof.

HTR high-temperature resistive substrate heaters 

At Ezzi Vision, we provide MeiVac’s high-temperature resistive substrate heaters for the sample and wafer stages with different dimensions for deposition techniques.

VariQ variable conductance throttle valve and accessories

Ezzi Vision has the unique counter-rotating vane design of the MeiVac VariQ throttle valve for superior liberal control of the process pressure. The valves of the devices are highly repeated and have proved as a reliable component with long-lasting longevity with installation.

Power supplies and controllers for all products.

Ezzi Vision also encompasses an extensive offer of MeiVac’s complete line of monitors and controls, indesign crystal rate controllers, packet indexers, and sweep controls. They enable a simple integration step through a complete coating package’s sources and power supplies.

Ezzi Vision – For All Your Thin Film Needs 

Precise and efficient components are essential, and MeiVac’s superior quality products can lead to exceptional performance and boost productivity. Ezzi Vision can provide all the MeiVac products customized per your industry needs. Share your requirements

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