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Mbraun’s Glovebox workstations are useful for creating a safe and controlled environment for highly dangerous and sensitive compounds for applications in pharmaceutical manufacture, chemical research, lithium-battery development, and many other operations. You can customize your workstations and install various features and tools to meet your needs. Mbraun provides a range of glovebox workstations to suit your requirements. Keep reading to know more.

Types of Glovebox Workstations

MBRAUN provides its researchers with a broad selection of glovebox workstations. Various types of glovebox workstations are listed below to satisfy the requirements of scientists and technologists.

  • Laboratory Pro

The LABmaster Pro platform is the finest choice to handle your expanding application because of its features and benefits.

  • UNIlab PRO

UNIlab Pro offers you additional modularity while still having all the capabilities of UNIlab Plus.

  • ISO-Pro-Nano

This blower-integrated glovebox is made to protect the user as they work with nanoparticles.

  • Acryl Glovebox

The MBRAUN Acrylic glovebox Workstation offers a convenient, affordable option for inert environment applications.

  • MB-TIG-1010 Glovebox

This bench-top glovebox platform is intended to serve as a comprehensive soldering enclosed workspace with the option of adding antechambers and gas purification systems.

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Customer Oriented Designs

Mbraun offers customization based on the firm’s criteria to suit your demands. We will work with you to find the best solution if you require a larger box, a longer antechamber, customized shelving, or handling equipment for heavy loads. Mbraun can set up the glovebox to integrate new or old equipment if your process requires it. After that, a customized system with the necessary tools will be delivered to you.

Usage of Gloveboxes in Nitrogen Removal

Applications requiring handling substances, materials, or items that are air, moisture, or humidity sensitive are best suited for the nitrogen removal glovebox. It offers an anaerobic, anhydrous, and exceptionally clean working environment. It is especially well suited for biological processes, pharmaceutical and medical industrial operations, chemical and physical processes, and nuclear applications.

Glovebox Maintenance Workstations with Clean Jets

MBRAUN leaves nothing to be desired regarding creative ideas for the automation of R&D systems or safety gear. Gloveboxes and other firm goods are thus maintained with the aid of Mbraun spare parts. The clean jet is one such additional component that is used in:

●        Effectively removing soot and dust

●        Developed specifically for reactive materials like titanium

●        Performance of closed loops with gas tight connections

●        HEPA filter for optimum effectiveness

●        Proper execution

Testing Analyzers

Analyzers need to be regularly re-calibrated to ensure regulated conditions inside MBRAUN gloveboxes. For each piece of equipment that needs to be calibrated, the customer must fill out and send to MBRAUN a declaration regarding decontamination. After MBRAUN has approved this declaration, you will learn more about the return of your analyzers in three phases.

●        Standard

The glovebox operates without analyzers during the calibration time. After you get your analyzers, calibration takes about two weeks. MBRAUN will provide the calibrated items back to you as soon as possible.

●        Exchange

We can determine whether an exchange is possible based on the serial number. MBRAUN will deliver exchange hardware you may set up on your system. However, you must return the original analyzer to the business.

●        Rental

We can determine whether a rental calibration is possible based on the serial number. MBRAUN will deliver a rental item you may set up on your computer. During this time, MBRAUN will calibrate your original analyzers. Your original analyzer will be delivered to you as soon as the calibration is finished.

MBRAUN: Best in the Industry

If you are looking for customized solutions for your research facility, from large enclosures to small gloveboxes, Mbraun is your one-stop solution. Ezzi offers various industrial & scientific pumps, thin film coating systems, vacuum furnaces & ovens, freeze-drying systems, Vacuum gauges & spare parts, and glovebox systems.

Providing our clients with specialized solutions, our experts can walk you through the best options for your needs. Contact us or visit our website for more updates and insights.

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