HV Mechanical Booster Pumps

The HV mechanical booster pumps combine Edwards’ expertise in manufacturing and distribution of complete industrial vacuum systems with Dresser’s world-renowned Roots pump technology. When backed by a Drystar or EH mechanical booster, HV pumps provide totally oil-free high-capacity pumping and operate reliably for long periods without maintenance.


HV30000 High Capacity Mechanical Booster Pump


HV30000 is a high capacity mechanical booster used in the manufacture and assembly of large industrial vacuum systems. These pumps are backed by Edwards dry pumps or mechanical booster pumps. This range of high capacity booster pumps is designed to operate reliably for long periods with no need for maintenance. The HV pumps can be fitted with an inverter to allow them to be started at atmospheric pressure, at the same time as the dry pumps.


  • Semiconductor processing
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Steel degassing
  • Thin film coating
  • Vacuum metallurgy
  • Low density wind tunnels
  • Space simulation
  • Vacuum impregnation
  • Oil drying and degassing
  • Pharmaceutical freeze drying
  • CO2 lasers
  • Automotive manufacture
  • Chemical processing
  • Thermal processing

HV8000 Mechanical booster pump

  • HV8000IND VF bareshaft  A31101985
  • HV8000IND HF bareshaft A31102985
  • HV8000 VF IE3 ASIA 50/60HZ 200V 50/60HZ, 380V 60HZ A31103934
  • HV8000 VF IE3 EU/USA 50/60HZ 18.5KW 380-400V 50HZ, 230 / 460V 60HZ A31103940
  • HV8000 HF IE3 ASIA 50/60HZ 200V 50/60HZ, 380V 60HZ A31104934
  • HV8000 HF IE3 EU/USA 50/60HZ 18.5KW 380-400V 50HZ, 230 / 460V 60HZ A31104940

HV40000 Mechanical Booster Pump

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