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Best Insights with Ezzi Vision's Hiden Analytical Solutions

Welcome to Ezzi Vision’s Hiden analytical world. We undertake an extensive approach to unfold the mysteries behind gas, vapors, and surfaces. Our cutting-edge offerings include the remarkable Hiden’s XBS. The residual gas analyzer paves the way for unparalleled insights into the most diverse analytical realms. So, let us explore the Hiden analytics and discover more about our advanced technologies, together.

Hiden’s XBS to Unveil Analytical Power

Ezzi Vision remains at the forefront of innovative analytical solutions. Let’s talk about our flagship product, Hiden’s XBS. The residual gas analyzer gives insights into the composition and behavior of gas and vapors in a vacuum. We offer these tools to scrutinize gasses in settings ranging from vacuums to bars catering to different pressure ranges.


Diverse Analytical Capabilities

Our Hiden XBS analyzer offers several analysis capabilities for different scenarios.

  • Residual Gas and Vapor Analysis: Our analyzer reveals the chemical fingerprint of residual gas and vapors that help in process optimization and quality control.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): We understand the importance of identifying VOCs across industries. So, our tool detects and quantifies such compounds swiftly. It contributes to workplace safety and environmental monitoring.
  • Metal-Organic Vapors: The gas analyzer unveils the presence and concentration of different metal-related species to ensure control over production processes.
  • Plasma Ion Analysis: Our tool captures the essence of all plasma-based technologies. It enables advancements in several fields, like semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Surface Analysis: The residual gas analyzer also extends its powers to surface analysis. It helps researchers understand material properties and characterize surfaces with unparalleled depth.

Understanding Hiden Analytical Magic

We at Ezzi Vision believe in combining thoughtful engineering with cutting-edge technologies to achieve something extraordinary. The ‘how’ behind the analytical solutions lies in our advanced spectrometric techniques backed by sampling systems:

  • Capillary Inlet: Our Quartz Inert Capillary-QIC ensures sensitive and stable results and facilitates accurate analysis even at trace levels.
  • Multiple Stream Analysis: Our tool adapts by seamlessly analyzing multiple streams when complexity demands a multifaceted approach.
  • Molecular Beam Supersonic Sampling: Our molecular beam supersonic sampling ensures precision without compromise for those elusive species that require careful handling.
  • Custom Engineered Systems: We engineered custom systems for specialized applications to bridge the gap between technology and your requirements.

The Need for Hiden Analytics

Why do we go to such lengths to develop these groundbreaking solutions? The answers lie in the invaluable insights our tools provide:

  • Species Identification: By partnering with library databases, we decipher the true identities of various species, enriching the understanding of complex mixtures.
  • Quantitative Measurements: Our tools offer quantitative partial pressure and gas composition measurements, enabling informed decisions in various processes.
  • Trend Analysis: Time is of the essence in dynamic processes, and our analyzer’s millisecond and microsecond analysis capabilities empower you to track transient phenomena and trends.
  • Surface Analysis Perfection: From ion beam etching to surface contamination analysis, our tools empower you with unmatched depth profile information and elemental mapping.

Innovating Beyond Spares And Parts

Apart from our groundbreaking Hiden analytics products, we also offer a comprehensive range of spares and parts. We extend our commitment to quality and precision to these critical components to ensure seamless operation and longevity for your equipment.

We are not just revolutionizing analysis; we are transforming possibilities. Join us on this journey of Hiden analytics and uncover insights that were once concealed in depths.

Begin Your Analytical Journey with Ezzi Vision

Ezzi Vision’s Hiden analytics’ products, epitomized by the groundbreaking Hiden’s XBS residual gas analyzer, usher in a new era of analysis. With comprehensive capabilities, advanced techniques, and unwavering commitment, we stand ready to redefine how you perceive and comprehend your analytical challenges. Elevate your analytical journey with Ezzi Vision today.

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