HHV Thin-Film Deposition System

We, Ezzi Vision, the leading HHV thin-film deposition system, have been appreciated for our efficient and customized service. HHV products are built based on first-hand principles and in-detailed analysis of each component, making it a world-class product with improved longevity. With their partnership, we are catering to businesses in Australia looking for higher-quality customized HHV pumps and magnetron sputtering.

Why Ezzi Vision?

At Ezzi Vision, we have years of experience supplying HHV’s high-quality thin films and pumps for various optical and non-optical applications. We are committed to constantly expanding our scientific community of clients to meet their evolving needs.

As a leading provider in Australia, Ezzi Vision is your one-stop shop for complete vacuum solutions and thin film technology. We boast 18 dealerships and 1600 distant products, customized specifically to meet your unique needs.


Our Services

HHV is a leading manufacturer of high-precision optical components and thin film coatings, like dichroic-coated optics, laser filters, narrow-band interference filters, hybrid microcircuits, thin film heaters, and more. Here are some HHV products that Ezzi Vision provides: 

HHV Magnetron Sputtering

HHV offers many circular and linear magnetron sputter sources designed and engineered to meet specific and stringent R&D and production requirements. The latest products in magnetron sputtering by HHV are BT150 and BT300, compact and economical bench-top coating systems engineered and customized to meet the needs of electron microscopists and researchers.

Both the HHV magnetron sputtering models boast a full-colour, menu-driven, touch-screen control system for automatic control. Besides, the control system can store upto 30 different processes for easy recalling, and it can sputter non-noble metals such as aluminium where the turbo pump option is fitted. 


  1. Wide ranges of sample stages
  2. Glow discharge cleaning
  3. Integrated film thickness monitoring
  4. Easy target change with the rotary pump sputtering noble metals, including Au, Au/Pd, Pt and Cu
  5. Vacuum pumping options are available
  6. Both the models are CE-marked and UL-certified.

HHV Spare and Parts

Ezzi Vision, one of the leading suppliers of HHV thin film coating system in Australia, offer you a myriad range of process consumables, spare parts and accessories for your coating system. The range of consumables is specifically aligned to be used with the original 306, Auto306 and Auto500 resistance and electron beam sources.

Besides, we also supply additional and replacement process accessories, like filament holders, substrate heaters and work holders specifically designed per original Edwards drawings and quality. Moreover, you can get replacement or spare parts for old Edward models, like S150B, E306, 12E, 19E, and E610. 

Consumables Available: 

  1. Liners matched to Edwards/HHV EB3 electron beam source available in Graphite, Molybdenum, Boron Nitride, Intermetallic and Aluminium Oxide.
  2. Replacement filaments for the EB3 source, which also fits the older Edwards EB1 source.
  3. High-quality 14mm diameter, 6MHz quartz crystals for use with Edwards FTM5 available in gold and silver coating.
  4. FTM6 and FTM7 film thickness monitors
  5. EB3 Electron beam source, spares, and accessories
  6. Spares available for resistance source, carbon rod source, domed bell jar chambers, and cylindrical glass chambers
  7. Electrical feed-throughs

Ezzi Vision – Your Ultimate Partner

With a strong commitment to adhering to safety protocols and delivering quality components at the scheduled deadline, Ezzi Vision is your ultimate partner in providing myriad HHV products to ensure exceptional performance. Connect with our experts for more information!