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Introducing France Etuves, where the combination of skill and advancement in oven technology leads to perfection! We provide advanced industrial vacuum and heating ovens to fulfill all your powder coating needs. The modular design of our ovens ensures quick installation and commissioning. As a manufacturer of laboratory ovens, we customize design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation to maximize our customers production potential. We are ready to meet your needs.

About France Etuves

At France Etuves, our strict rules of quality and craftsmanship are followed to make sure that each oven will keep its highest standards of efficiency, reliability, and durability. We deliver different customizable options to design your furnace for particularly your application needs and finally provide the solution you deserve. 

We have a team of engineers and specialists with years of experience offering expert guidance, services, and support whenever you need them. We provide assistance and support for France Etuves ovens Australia. With the help of our distributors in Australia, you can get comprehensive aid in every corner of Australia. 

We always persevere to innovate and implement new technology and designs to make your Oven work better and consume less energy.

France Etuves

Why you should choose France Etuves

Here are the reasons why you must go to France Etuves:

  • France Étuves vacuum ovens are attentively constructed to offer close temperature control and a sealed atmosphere. Thus, they are appropriate for sensitive tasks that demand accuracy parameters above regulated parameters.
  • France Etuves laboratory ovens, specifically designed to endure the conditions of scientific research and experiments, guarantee the quality standard and reliability of the results.
  • Both solutions, including France Etuves Xu058, France Etuves Xu225, and France Etuves Xu112, incorporate advanced features. It ensures optimal efficiency and productivity in sectors such as manufacturing, research, and development.
  • Through a trusted brand, you will receive custom-designed vacuum and laboratory furnaces that will precisely meet your purpose and give you good results in your project.

Explore Our wide range of Industrial Ovens

The quality of our products is sustained through the provision of machines with the same specifications
to Australian customers, enabling local support and expertise. Whether in the manufacturing sector,
research, or other industries, France Etuves Ovens is your trusted supplier that will easily adapt to your

  • France Étuves Laboratory Ovens

The laboratory ovens, and the furnaces we manufacture are tailored to the exacting demands of the laboratory conditions through precisely controlled temperature and consistent performance.

  • France Etuves Vacuum Ovens

To provide total temperature control in a uniform environment, France Etuves vacuum ovens are highly suited for fragile processes that require an air-locked atmosphere.

  • France Étuves Xu058

The Xu058 oven provides accuracy and flexibility, which are the features that make it an excellent choice for industrial-level tasks. This oven has been built to be attractive with a durable design and is simple to use. With this feature, the work is simplified, and throughput is maximized.

  • France Étuves Xu112
Precisely shaped for small places, the Xu112 Oven has the ability to produce the highest level of quality in places where there is a space limit. This model adopts an innovative heat system and accurate temperature adjustment.
  • France Étuves Xu225
Checked by Ayman Eathysham The Xu225 oven offers high heating capacity and ample space, making it ideal for large-scale production processes.
  • XL Industrial Furnace
Our XL Industrial Furnace is designed for the most rigorous industrial duties to meet heating needs with a variety of materials. Through the provision of sturdy construction and advanced features, these furnaces boast superior performance and unrivaled reliability compared to others that are used in large- scale production sectors.
Unleash efficiency with the France Etuves series of industrial ovens!
If you are looking for industrial or laboratory oven suppliers that place accuracy and creativity first, France Étuves is the right partner. We keep high standards during the design process of our innovative products, which guarantees optimal efficacy. Contact us today to speak to an expert and explore a range of oven solutions tailored to suit your needs.