Electronics and laser cutting Applications

Oxymat high purity nitrogen PSA generator for electronics & laser cutting.

Electronics Two prominently used machine types are:

Wave Soldering: Used on PCBs for soldering through-hole components. (nitrogen purity required 50-100 ppm)

Reflow soldering: Used on PCBs for soldering SMD competent usually in large scale electronic applications. (nitrogen purity required 100-200 ppm)

It is known that in the electronics industry, it is necessary to undergo continuous developments and improvements of products and optimization of process to meet the growing demands.

The soldering applications need high purity nitrogen giving a clean and durable solder point by preventing oxidation.

These generators prove to be beneficial by reducing manual intervention, reducing the production time and increasing overall product quality. For flow and reflow soldering equipment, Nitrogen from these nitrogen generators are the most cost effective inert gases to use. 

The Oxymat OPAS Unit is the perfect unit for electronic applications. It purified nitrogen from 99.5% up to 99.9999% at a startling 0.39kW/h!

Read more about our OPAS unit heresee our nitrogen range or contact us for more information.

With an assurance in saving costs and time right from installation, the Oxymat has many more benefits mentioned below:


  • Lower dross production
  • Decrease oxidation
  • Better wettability
  • Improving quality of joints
  • Reducing cleaning/maintenance
  • Flux consumption/acidity
  • Minimized defects/better design
  • Economical solder
  • Lower rework

Laser cutting

If your requirement is to reduce taper, improve productivity and ultimately optimize process, then Oxymat on-site nitrogen generators is the solution.

If the nitrogen generated is used as cutting gas, its laser beam melts the material and whirls away the molten material from the cutting action.

The section cut can directly move into welding applications from the laser system without any further process.

Added to this, parts cut by Nitrogen are likely to have fit better in welding applications which means, they taper less, welding time is reduced and less fixturing is needed. This results in lesser polishing time.

With an assurance in saving costs and time right from installation, the Oxymat has many more benefits mentioned below:


  • Improved productivity through higher cutting speed
  • Clean cut edges
  • No overheating from exothermic reactions
  • Better corrosion resistances
  • Oxide-free cuts
  • Dross-free finish
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