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Are you searching for an authentic supplier and distributor of Edward vacuum pumps in Australia and New Zealand? Ezzi Vision is a leading supplier of Edward high vacuum pumps, vacuum furnaces, vacuum gauges, and more. We hold extensive experience in helping clients find the right industrial and scientific pumps as per their business requirements. No matter what your needs are, our experts will guide you right through the products and help solve the purpose.

Why Edward High Vacuum Pump?

The competitive nature of today’s business requires changes to lower costs, improve performance, and deliver optimal solutions. Edward pump demonstrates the ability to provide tailored and low-cost solutions to businesses. You can get ample options to explore from the range of Edwards vacuums in Australia that will help drive the best solutions.

Edwards Pumps

Main Features Of Edwards Vacuum Pump

High Radiation Tolerance

The best part about Edwards vacuum in Australia is that these are built with radiation-tolerant materials that help in ensuring smooth and continuous operations.

High-Temperature Tolerance

Even without giving any special consideration, the edward vacuum pumps can be baked to 250 °C.


Edward pumps come with reliable protection devices that help in preventing the oil and air suck back into the vacuum system. These protection devices are used depending on the pump cost and size, however the emphasis here is given on the simplicity and reliability. Edwards also ensures that correct lubrication is done on all duty modes to prevent high gas loads and oil starvation.

Low Operational Costs

If you are searching for a vacuum pump with low initial costs, then Edward vacuum pumps are what you need. There is no or minimal power for years that directly lowers the overall operational costs.

High pumping speeds

Edwards vacuum pumps are designed to offer high pumping speeds, which means they can evacuate a large volume of gas or air in a short amount of time.

Low ultimate pressure

Edwards vacuum pumps are designed to reach very low ultimate pressures, making them suitable for use in high-vacuum applications.

Oil-free pumping

Some Edwards vacuum pumps are designed to be oil-free, which means they don’t require oil to operate. This makes them suitable for use in applications where oil contamination is not desirable.

Low noise levels

Edwards vacuum pumps are designed to operate quietly, making them suitable for use in environments where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.

Compact size

Edwards vacuum pumps are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to install and move around.

Easy maintenance

Edwards vacuum pumps are designed to be easy to maintain, with simple procedures for changing oil or replacing parts.

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