A World Class Portfolio of ARS Cryogenic Equipment To Boost Your Experiments

ARS, or Advanced Research Systems, is the leading and the only sole-source manufacturer of cryogenic equipment tailored for scientific purposes, which includes quantum optics, optical spectroscopy, microscopy, neutron scattering, and others. 

They offer end-to-end cryogenic for experimental applications needs ranging from 1.5K to 800K. Here in Australia, if you are looking for a provider who offers imported equipment from overseas companies, then Ezzi Vision is a reliable supplier.

We supply all types of equipment supported by ARS, even ARS ultra high vacuum, and you just need to mention what you require. Our experts will help you find the right equipment with low turnaround time and at cost-effective rates. 


List of ARS Cryogenic Equipments Available at Ezzi Vision

Here’s the list of all types of equipment that ARS manufactures and we make it available for you: 

  • Cryostats

ARS offers different categories of cryostats, with each category offering different models of Cryostats. Here’s the list of all the types of ARS cryostats available: 

  • Closed cycle cryostats 
  • Ultra-low vibration 
  • Ultra-high vibration 
  • Helium flow cryostats 
  • Sample in vapor cryostats 
  • The microdrift cryostat
  • Closed cycle cryocoolers 
  • Orca-mixed refrigerant cooler 
  • Options and accessories 

Probe Stations 

ARS manufactures probe stations that meet the latest sample environment of the scientists. Here is the list of all probe stations offered by ARS: 

  • Nanoscience probe station
  • Closed cycle probe station
  • Flow cryostat probe station 
  • UHV probe station 
  • Superconducting magnet systems 
  • Electromagnet probe station

Quantum-ready Cryostats and Probe Stations 

You can browse through the ARS catalog to get your hands on quantum-ready cryostats and probe stations delicately and precisely designed for all your quantum application implementation. Here’s the list of types of equipment available: 

  • Optical Qubits, like microdrift cryostat, X-20-OM cryostat, and nanoscience probe station,
  • Superconducting Qubits, like closed-cycle probe stations,
  • Trapped Ion Qubits, like ultra-low vibration UHV cryostats,
  • Quantum Electronics/CryoCMOS, like X-3 cryostats and probe stations,
  • Spin Qubits, like X-3 cryostats and superconducting magnet probe stations.

Custom Cryogenic Solutions

When it comes to experiments, there is no one-fix solution. That’s why ARS builds customizable solutions that perfectly meet your needs. If none of the pre-build equipment sounds perfect for your application, you always reach out to Ezzi Vision. We will understand your requirements and do all the heavy lifting to get your desired ARS UHV vacuum or cryogenic solution built and delivered at your labs. 

Compact Beamline and Goniometer Cryostats

Are you searching for cryostats that fit the dimensions of goniometers or eulerian cradles from Bruker, Huber, Newport, and other manufacturers? Then, ARS manufactures a perfect cryostat with low weight and low profile. 

It is equipped with beryllium domes (DMX-2D), beryllium windows, or Kapton windows. It is powered by a DE-202 series closed-cycle cryocooler, and its lightweight property, along with its customization ability, makes it perfect for goniometers and diffractometers.


  • Stainless steel construction 
  • Comes with pop-off sample block for quick situ sample access
  • Huge sample viewing angle, upto 2 Pi Steradian (DMX-2D) or 180° (DMX-2C)
  • Cryogen-free and fully customizable 
  • PS-200 beryllium dome (DMX-2D) is 0.015 inches thick 

Ezzi Vision: Your One-Stop Destination to Get All the ARS Products

Are you looking for a partner who imports robust ARS products to meet your experimental needs? Your search ends here at Ezzi Vision, the largest equipment supplier in Australia. Whether you are looking for reliable vacuum pumps or cryogenic equipment from ARS, we have a myriad portfolio of a variety of products from reliable manufacturers. 

Here are some reasons why we can be your perfect equipment supplier partner: 

  • We have the necessary expertise to understand your technical and business needs.
  • Our experts will leave no stone unturned to research and find products that match your specifications.
  • We offer recognized sales services and technical support.
  • Our team has garnered years of experience and credibility with our top-notch services. 

Contact our experts today if you are interested in purchasing ARS equipment, whether cryogenic equipment or ultra-high vacuum. 

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