Ion Beam Deposition

SPECTOR-HT Ion Beam Deposition System for Optical Coating

Produce the highest quality optical thin films with improved levels of productivity and throughput with the award-winning SPECTOR-HT™ Advanced Ion Beam System. Building on the proven performance of our SPECTOR® family of ion beam systems, the SPECTOR-HT system offers excellent layer thickness control, enhanced process stability and the lowest published optical losses in the industry.


For cutting-edge optical interference coating applications ranging from bandpass filters to beam splitters to laser passives, the SPECTOR-HT has been engineered to improve key production parameters, such as target material utilization, optical endpoint control and process time. The SPECTOR-HT gives manufacturers the qualitative advantages of ion beam sputtering (IBS) technology—low scatter loss, high film purity, stable deposition rates and film thickness control of <0.1nm—in a more robust package that significantly boosts throughput and lowers cost of ownership.


  • Increase throughput up to 400 percent increase in system throughput through improved deposition rates and increased lot sizes
  • Improve materials utilization up to 300 percent increase in target materials utilization, reduces maintenance and improves overall cost of ownership
  • Enhanced thin film uniformity optimized tool geometry combines with inherent IBS process technology advantages to deliver 50 percent better material uniformity
  • Engineered for process flexibility, SPECTOR-HT improves process flexibility in multiple ways: our latest-generation process control system is operator-friendly, expanded lot sizes allows for more process choices and stable deposition rates enable unattended system operation
  • Winner of prestigious 2013 R&D 100 award

SPECTOR Loadlock Ion Beam Deposition System for Optical Coating

Superior Throughput and Repeatability for a Wide Range of Applications

Veeco's SPECTOR® Loadlock Ion Beam Deposition System can provide substantial throughput improvements for a variety of applications. Capable of beginning deposition within five minutes of substrate loading, the SPECTOR Loadlock System can easily double throughput for designs in which the deposition time is shorter than the typical pre-process steps required of batch tools.

System repeatability is also enhanced through the ability to maintain steady state conditions for process parameters such as pressure, temperature, target surface composition and ion source power. SPECTOR Loadlock users can expect improved mean time between maintenance (MTBM) for components such as radio frequency neutralizers, chamber liners and shielding due to their less frequent exposure to atmosphere and moisture. Combined, these features and benefits enable users to manufacture the highest precision and quality films available on the market at a fraction of the cost.

  • Substantial throughput increase for low/medium thickness coating applications
  • Improved repeatability through inherently more stable process conditions
  • Increased mean time between maintenance of several key components
  • Improved particulate control

SPECTOR Ion Beam Deposition System for Optical Coating

Turn-Key Manufacturing for Precision Optical Thin Films

Achieve greater precision and thin film process flexibility with Veeco's SPECTOR® Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) Optical Coating System. With multiple options in fixtures, target assemblies and a state-of-the-art optical monitoring system, the SPECTOR IBD Optical Coating System meets yield and device performance requirements for virtually every optical thin film fabrication application.

SPECTOR Dual Ion Beam Deposition System

  • Interchangeable platform accommodates either planetary, simple rotation or flip fixtures
  • Offers high yields of 200, 100 and 50 GHz DWDM filters for telecom applications
  • Meets stringent device specifications, such as narrow passband, wide stopband, steep slope and low insertion loss
  • Produces AR coatings, complex non-quarter wave coatings and ultra-low-loss laser mirrors
  • Fabricate mirrors with absorption and scatter at single-digit ppm levels
  • High-energy process offers better packing density and low pin-hole density
  • Low-pressure operation provides high film purity
  • Superior film thickness control

SOURCERER System Manager featuring a unique graphical interface with real time and animated movements, the SOURCERER® system manager offers more control and flexibility than any other ion beam system control package on the market. Using simple commands or easily imported thin film designs, process engineers can develop advanced automated recipes, start the process runs and return when the run is complete. Coupled with Veeco's superior process knowledge and responsive worldwide service organization, we set the standard both before and after the sale.

SPECTOR Large Area Ion Beam Deposition System for Optical Coating

SPECTOR Large Area Ion Beam Deposition System for Optical Coating

Veeco's SPECTOR® Large Area Planetary Ion Beam Deposition System combines unsurpassed ion beam film quality with batch sizes near that of e-beam systems. In

addition to a larger overall coating area, the robust fixture supports processing monolithic substrates up to 400mm in diameter and 100mm thick. Veeco has included our 16cm RF high-power deposition source and ultra-low contamination RF neutralizers to ensure high deposition rates and film quality. For maximum stoichiometry control and in-situ substrate pre-cleaning or etch support, the system is also equipped with our 12cm RF assist ion source.

  • Ion beam quality with industry-leading throughput provides the lowest cost of ownership
  • Exceptional material uniformity across 400mm planets ensures maximum product yield
  • High current RF ion sources provide excellent deposition rates
  • Maximum product flexibility provided by large substrate and palette support


Quest Optical Monitoring System for Optical Coating Manufacturers

Precision Control of Layer Endpoints Results in Improved Repeatability and Exceptional Process Control Veeco's Quest Optical Monitor provides non-quarterwave control directly on production substrates. Multiple algorithm choices and selectable wavelength ranges allow control of leading-edge optical designs.

  • Up to 10x improvement in layer thickness control compared to previous generations 


  • Increased production utilization through reduction in calibration runs
  • Less than 0.1 percent repeatability even with non-consecutive runs
  • Easy set-up with user-friendly interface
  • Fully integrates into existing SPECTOR and SPECTOR-HT IBD systems



NEXUS IBD Ion Beam Deposition System

Data storage manufacturers can dramatically increase yield of 80Gb/in2 sensors, as well as meet the demands of future TFMH device fabrication with Veeco's third-generation NEXUS® Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) System. 

  • Supports wide range of devices, from current CIP to advanced CPP devices  


  • Ideal for MRAM applications as well as GMR and TMR thin film magnetic heads
  • Improved CD control for all collimated deposition applications
  • Sharper takeoff angle through symmetrical arrival of the deposition plume
  • Platform easily integrated with PVD, IBE and other technologies