HHV BT150 and BT300 Bench Top Coaters

New bench-top deposition tools for SEM and TEM sample prep, plus R&D applications 

The new HHV BT150 and BT300 are compact and economical bench top coating systems designed to suit the needs of electron microscopists and researchers.

Both systems are designed for ease of use and feature a full-colour, menu-driven, touch-screen control system for fully-automatic control. The control system can store up to 30 different process recipes for easy recall and can output process data to a separate device for storage.

In addition to EM applications, BT-series can also be configured for metals sputtering and metals evaporation for researchers.

BT-series systems can sputter non-noble metals such as aluminium where the turbo pump option is fitted.


BT150 for SEM and TEM sample prep

BT150 has comprehensive capability for EM sample preparation. It can be specified with vacuum pumps and process accessories to cover the requirements of users in busy EM labs. Options include:-

• Metal sputter source for SEM sample prep. 
• Water cooled bias stage for SEM sample etch 
• Resistance evaporation source for sample prep or research applications 
• Carbon fibre source for ‘low vacuum’ TEM sample prep 
• Carbon rod source for ‘high vacuum’ TEM sample prep 
• Glow discharge accessory for modification of carbon films in TEM applications 
• Integrated film thickness measurement and control system for repeatable performance from run to run

BT150 systems are fitted with an integrated source shutter.

Sample stages include a static SEM stub holder with water-cooling and etch, plus options for rotation and tilt. A planetary stub stage with adjustable tilt angle ensures that re-entrant samples are coated across their entire surface.

BT150 for research:

The versatile BT150 can also be used in research applications. The turbo-pumped version can sputter noble and non-noble metals and the system is offered with a 100mm diameter rotary stage for location of samples.

An optional resistance source allows coating of a range of materials onto small samples.BT150 research coaters can be specified with the integrated film thickness monitor and control system.

BT300 for research:

The BT300 research coater is specially designed for metal deposition onto larger samples. The system is offered with two sputter heads for sequential deposition of two metals, or with three sputter heads for sputtering a single metal onto a substrate up to 200mm diameter.

• Dual DC sputter sources for sequential deposition on samples up to 100mm diameter 
• Triple DC sputter sources for metal deposition on samples up to 200mm diameter 
• 100mm diameter rotary substrate stage, 150mm and 200mm diameter planetary stages 
• Choice of rotary pump, dry scroll pump and turbo pumping systems 
• Extended chamber height options

All BT300 series systems are fitted with a standard integrated source shutter.

Integrated film thickness monitoring

BT-series includes the option of a fully-integrated film thickness monitor system. The system is integrated into the touch-screen controller and provides control of the thickness of sputtered films. BT150 uses a single quartz crystal measurement head. The BT300 dual-sputter system uses two heads for accuracy.

Easy source change and automatic source recognition (BT150):

BT150 system features fast and easy source change. Deposition sources are quickly removed for re-loading or changing. BT150 features an automatic system which allows the system PLC to recognise the fitted source for correct operation.

Vacuum pumping options

The systems can be specified with an optional two-stage rotary pump for ‘everyday’ operation with carbon and noble metals. The turbo pump option provides additional vacuum performance those users requiring true high vacuum conditions. Sputter systems can sputter non-noble metals such as Al where the turbo pump option is specified.

BT-series can be specified with a dry-running scroll pump where oil-free vacuum is required.

Comprehensive safety and certification

BT150 and BT300 are provided with comprehensive safety systems and interlocks to provide protection for the user.

BT150 and BT300 are CE marked. UL-certification can be provided.