Oxymat Dexo System – Opas

​​ With the add-on technology, the Oxymat Purifier Action System (OPAS) makes the most of all nitrogen generators.

The OPAS is the ultimate technology needing 1-100 ppm for Nitrogen applications.

To achieve high purity nitrogen at revised costs, the OPAS can be easily combined with existing Nitrogen generation systems.

The Oxymat OPAS is an environment friendly voice because it purifies Nitrogen from 99.5% up to 99.9999% at costs as low as 0,39 kW/h.

Unique OPAS design features include:

  • Better performance top quality solutions
  • Small footprint – huge capacity – maximum purity
  • Top nitrogen quality with minimal space and energy requirement
  • Minimal energy consumption (from 0,39 kW/m3)
  • Minimal CO2 emission
  • Robust construction developed for rough environments and industrial use
  • Optimum quality & long-lasting components
  • 3D design
  • Designed to specification, to achieve customisation
  • Easy installation
  • Best quality Touch Screen Control Unit
  • Remote Control Access

Product Range:

Notes: 5% feed gas as scrubbing gas for heated adsorption dryer will be used be all versions.

Example: Needed capacity 1000 m3/h means that you need feed gas of 1050 Nm3/h.

Purity of feed Nitrogen 99,5- 99,9%

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