OXYMAT PSA Oxygen Standard Generators (Twin - Tower)

OXYMAT PSA Oxygen Generators covers 14 standard models with capacity in the range from 2.27 to 189.12 m3/hour.
Flow is measured in Nm3/h and the performance is up to 95,0 % purity.
We can deliver units in the size you require, below is a table of the OXYMAT PSA oxygen generators standard product range:
Notes *1 – Stated flow in NM3/hour are for operation with reference to 20 °C, 1013 mbar. Inlet pressure 6-8 barG. Flow variance ±5%.
A few key features of the OXYMAT PSA Oxygen Generators include:
  • High performance top quality solutions
  • Low energy consumption from 1,0 kW/m3 Oxygen
  • Low CO2 emission
  • Heavy duty construction designed for rough conditions and industrial use
The entire PSA system can be subdivided into:
  • Compressed air system (air compressor, refrigeration dryer, air receiver & filters)
  • PSA skid
  • Oxygen receiver
  • Oxygen boosting & filling station (optional)
Optional supplies:
  • Panel Display with electro galvanized sensor
  • Touch Screen with zirconium sensor
  • GSM modem for touch screen
  • Medical upgrade kit (coalescing tower and bacterial filtration)
Conversion rates for oxygen:
  • O2 1 Nm3 = 1.33 kg
  • 1 kg = 0.75 Nm3