Oxymat Dexo System – Opas

Oxymat Purifier Action System (OPAS) is the Add-on technology, making the most of any Nitrogen generator.

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OPAS is the true Add-On technology for Nitrogen application requiring 1-100 ppm.

OPAS can easily be integrated with already existing Nitrogen generation systems resulting in high purity Nitrogen at minimum costs.

This process, purifying Nitrogen from 99.5% up to 99.9999% costs as little as 0,39 kW/h produces Nitrogen and makes Oxymat OPAS the environment friendly choice.

Unique OPAS design features include:

  • High performance top quality solutions
  • Small footprint – large capacity – high purity
  • Top nitrogen quality with minimum space and energy requirement
  • Low energy consumption (from 0,39 kW/m3)
  • Low CO2 emission
  • Heavy-duty construction designed for rough conditions and industrial use
  • High quality & durable components
  • 3D design
  • Design and customization, to meet any specification
  • Trouble-free installation
  • High quality Touch Screen Control Unit
  • Remote Control Access

Product Range:


All versions will use 5% feed gas as scrubbing gas for the heated adsorbtion dryer.

Example: Needed capacity 1000 m3/h means that you need feed gas of 1050 Nm3/h.

Purity of feed Nitrogen 99,5- 99,9%

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